For Hindu India, she is witchcraft : Caste Virus 002R2010


 Ajmer (Rajstan)A forty-year-old Dalit woman in a remote village in Tonk district was allegedly accused of witchcraft, tied to a tree, and the samants of the village beat her throughout the night. A case has been filed in Uniyara police station by the woman. According to sources, Kamal Berwa, wife of a farm worker, Ram Kishan- resident of Jhalara, filed a complaint against Kana Gujjar, Babulal and his wife, Bhanwar Lal and Ladi Devi. “On 20th of August Ladi Devi called me to her house in the evening, where Kana, Babu Lal and Bhanwar Lal accused me of witchcraft. They abused and assaulted me,” said Kamala in her complaint. According to her, when she denied the accusations the accused started beating her and told her to leave the village. “They threatened me of dire consequences and abused me for my caste,” said Kamala in her complaint. As per the report, the accused brought her outside in the courtyard and tied her to a tree. “They abused and hit me all over throughout the night. I fainted many times but they said they wanted to teach me a lesson,” said Kamala. She was released in the morning and they warned her not to say anything about the incident to anybody. “I narrated the incident to my relatives, they also told me to remain quiet and not to say anything about the upper class people of the village,” Kamala told the media. According to her, after suffering shame and guilt she collected enough courage to take action and on Saturday evening went to the Uniyara police station and registered her complaint. “I want justice and action against the accused,” Kamala added. Meanwhile, police registered a case against all the accused in Section 3/5 of the SC & ST Prevention of Atrocity Act. “As per rule the investigation under this Act has to be done by the office of deputy superintendent and we have referred the case to our circle office,” said Rawer Mal Morya, in-charge of Unniyara police station, he claimed police had promptly registered the case when they got the complaint. Meanwhile, the situation in Jhalara village is reported to be tense after the registration of the case. “The woman who alleged the incident is in the habit of fighting with villagers. Last year, she had also registered a case of physical abuse against other villagers,” said one of the accused. He said we are ready for a fair investigation.

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