Bhandara ‘Funeral of Justice’ Procession Today, Status 12.40PM


Official time for Procession March to start is 2PM .  The procession represents death of Justice due to Courts helplessness in protecting the rights of Dalits by giving blind eye to the Mob Caste Atrocities such as Khairlanji. The people of Bhandara district have started gathering   far villages such as Bela, Warthi, Bhojapur, Ganeshpur, Paladi, Sakoli, Mujabi, Fulmogara, Shahapur and few others.

Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange is leading the Procession in Bhandara. Bhaiyalal is the only surviving person and a father of the Bhotmange family that was killed by the caste mob of 52 .

‘Funeral procession of death of Justice’ would  start from Bhagiratha Bhaskar School,  Lalbahadur Shasri Chaowk, Bhandara. This will lead to Collectorate office.

The participants are  mainly women activists coming from distant places. Few names are- Ushatai Meshram, Mayatai Uke , Nirmala Goswami , Vaishali Sakdeve, Pushpa Bansode, Ratnamala Vaidya, Maya Wasnik, Anjirabai Nagdeve, Priyakala Meshram.

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