India watches Dalit handicap & father getting killed over dog, its Hariyana again!


 An argument between a Dalit and a Jat over the former’s dog led to near-unbridled violence in a village in Hisar district which was tense throughout Thursday after an 18-year-old physically challenged Dalit girl and her father were burnt alive on Wednesday.
The Dalits refused to cremate the bodies, demanding a CBI probe and compensation, apart from sacking of the Jat tehsildar of Mirchpur village where the violence began. Angry demonstrators also protested in front of the Civil Hospital where post-mortem was conducted on the girl, Suman, and her father, Tara Chand.

A police probe revealed that Rajender, a Jat, and Yogesh from Valmiki (Dalit) community, got into an argument early this week, after the latter objected to Rajender hurling stones at his dog. When the matter reached the panchayat, two representatives of the Valmiki community — Veer Bhan and Karnpal — were summoned but ended up being beaten by the Jats. Jats are alleged to have torched 25 Dalits houses in the village. ‘‘My father and sister were at home when armed men came raiding around noon and set our house on fire,’’ a shocked Tara Chand’s son Amar said. An eyewitness to the attack, he hid and saw the gangs doing the rounds.

The police, who have been charged with not taking cognizance of Dalit complaints of threats from Jats over the last three days, registered a case on Thursday and sent additional forces to Mirchpur. ‘‘We have taken 25 suspects into custody and are interrogating them,’’ said Anant Kumar Dhull, IG, Hisar range. Among others camping in the village along with the IG are SP Subhash Yadav and DC O P Sheoran. Haryana DGP Ranjiv Dalal said the trial would be conducted in a fast-track court. Parmod Bagri, president of Hisar Valmiki Samaj, said, ‘‘This (arson) was another Gohana (a village that saw Jat-Dalit feud in 2005) and Jhajjar in which five Dalits were lynched in 2002.’’

Source: TOI

2 Responses to “India watches Dalit handicap & father getting killed over dog, its Hariyana again!”

  1. 1 Kumarpushp

    How long dalits will be suffering in India,time has come Balmiki communities who are mahar of Hisar are so help less to defend them self them,time has come to burn these barbaric hindus in hisar because barbaric hindus require barbaric treatment.

  2. Very intersesting article, awsome, I honestly like it

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