Caste murder at AIIMS


Dr Singh reporting from AIIMS;

Dear friends,

 It its very unfortunate to start with the incident happened at AIIMS regarding the suicide of my junior Balmukund bharti a 2004 batch student of MBBS at AIIMS on 3rd March 2010 but I see this as a very alarming situation because every time such incident happens same line of remarks come from Administration whether it is AIIMS , CSMMU Lucknow or any other medical college;

1.The said student was not able to cope with the amount of pressure at the institute , he was consistently failing in particular field , he was depressed but in all their explanation for the cause of death they   miserably fail on explaining WHY???? this all is happening or they are too smart to very conveniently escape the real issue, “What instigated him to take such an extreme step?”

2.To talk about caste prejudices being one of the important cause of such incident is not welcomed at any point and the irony is that if you dare to speak about this angle first and foremost duty is to explain your own colleague mostly from your own community and convince them that this is a harsh truth though they all are aware of the fact that how “THE CASTE” plays a crucial role in all these incident and surprisingly majority of suicide in such big Institutions echelons of knowledge the 80%-90%victims are from reserved category but yet to speak about this thing is like sailing against the tide and all of sudden the main issue of suicide is secondary and you find yourself in the middle explaining each and everyone about your stand because,” in this era of 21st century on papers caste discrimination is a thing of past which was abolished long time back by the sincere efforts of the Government of India” so all of sudden you are tagged a traitor who is against the harmony and integrity of Nation and hellbent to defame the institute you are studying in.

Friends this is not just an alarming but this is a helpless situation,because one person is not responsible it is the System which is to be blamed because whosoever become the part of the System forget his moral responsibility and to save this system becomes his priority and it seems like saving a boat having a hole in the bottom though the hole is small but it takes all the time of the sailor and not allow him to concentrate and to decide which route he has to take to reach the destination.

Friends regarding the suicide committed by Balmukund bharti I have following points to raise;

1. First and foremost it was not the first time as he tried a week ago to end his life and was taken to casuality for the treatment Why was he not admitted  and kept under observation as suicidal tendency is in itself indication for admission and observation. Why he was not seen by the Psychiatric Consultant in Emergency ward these point if taken care of in time would have stopped this untoward incident.

2. Again the point of he being failed in the said examination what steps were taken to help him in this context and this is the similar case that had happened to Sushil Chaudhary of CSMMU Lucknow. The Dean of AIIMS should take moral responsibility and should be answerable.

3. Balmukund when came to AIIMS he was beaten up and abused by the wingmates and finally he has to change his room.

4. One unique thing happened in this case Balmukund always wanted to change his caste and for this he even abandoned his parents and assumed a so called higher caste couple as his parents. In last two years he changed his name twice rest of the details are not available but eventually will come out but the point is that why he wanted to be in a so called higher caste the reason is that may be the root cause of the depression and other failure were attributed to his caste.

5. Balmukund is not just not one case but it is an epitome of caste prejudice costing his life he tried his best to get rid of the shackles of caste but miserably failed.

6. The whole incident clearly shows the, “Callous attitude” of inept AIIMS administration by the very fact that they have not implemented the ,”Thorat Committee Recommendations” in letter and spirit which was commissioned by the present Prime Minister in 2006 and that was for safeguarding the interest of underprivileged students, Residents at AIIMS

Dear friends to me it is just the tip of the iceberg We are not just loosing our talents but also those who could have become the pillars to fight this haunting environment and to build  strength for our Community, then Society and then our Nation. I don’t know how many Balmukund, Sushil chaudhary  have to sacrifice and die in anonymity  but one thing is very clear that though I am disturbed but I am not broken this is the need of hour ,”We need a committed struggle and everyone should extend his helping hand in order to put an end to such unfortunate events”

New Delhi

5 Responses to “Caste murder at AIIMS”


    Dear Singh, what is the use to publishised of the incident happened with your friend. Everyday there are so many family/persons who belong to the deprived classes facing the same problum/discriminiation.These all happened due to our non-active politician/officers who occupied the key post. They are not bothered about atrocity upon the scheduled caste/tribe soiciety. I am one of the live example. I have filed a case in Jan 08 in National Commission for scheduled caste, New Delhi 110 003 against my employer for unlawful compulsory retirement punishment was imposed on me. Prof.NM Kamble Vice-Chairman of NCSC delivered his decision in my favour on 30.9.08. But the commission employee who is belong to upper caste Shri YK Bansal kept my file in a cold storage and not took any effective action to implement the decision of the Vice Chairman.During the period of eight monthsOct 08 to May 09 they have not taken any justifible action against my employer. When i develop presssure by using RTI right, then Shri YK Bansal ignored the deceision of Vice Chairman dated 30.9.08 even he avoid to put up the file to the vice chairman and choose to putup the case directly to the chairman Shri Buta Singh with a recomandation to close the case without any reason and he succeded to obtained the signature of the Chairman of the commission. Because his wrongful action, they deprived my fandamental right which is guranteed by the india constitution. Prof. NM Kamble and Shri Buta singh both are belong to the scheduled caste, and they killed the future and right of a scheduled caste officer and his family. I wrote many letters to them but they didnot take any pain to reply. Now you tell me, what you will geting to published the incident of your friend, you will not get any justice from this ugly society. I do not have any faith in the indian system of Justice. I am strugling till today for want of Justice since last six years, whould you like to Join Me for fight. If yes then please use your right and obtained the xerox copies of my case file under RTI Act from the National Commission scheduled caste, New Delhi and go throught it and please Judge and come to the conclusion. If you find my mistake, I shall be gratefull if you intimate me. If you need any information I can provide you. This is might be boring work for you. if yes then please keep your friends memories in the shadow of time dont publish it….

    • 2 Dr.Ajay Kumar Singh

      Dear Uttam Kumar I was just surfing the mail and i got to read your comment and can very well imagine the pain you must be going through but I want to tell you the reason why i put up the above story is that i want to warn those Dalits who are enjoying their life and are not bothered about their brothers pain. I want to tell them that if a student who is in India’s premiere Institute of National importance for Medical Sciences can become a victim of caste prejudice then nobody is safe who are in smaller Institutes or are in far flung areas. Even if Balmukund or sushil are not with us but these incidents have changed my ideology for life time and if it can enlighten others my purpose is solved.
      Regarding your case I am willing to help you but I am just a student and don’t have any political connections as such so I can help you in my own capacity send me your number we can talk.My friend don’t loose heart you are the one who was capable enough to get a govt. job on its own so doubting your ability is out of question you are capable and I wish that you be a more successful than ever

  2. 3 Kumarpushp

    Take arms and punish the main culprit or Join with Pakistan to weaken the India.2000 mahar of India by joinig with British had demolished the Peswa Rajya and now 175 million dalits in India can very easily join with Pakistan to over throw the hindus and their hindu led government.Dr Ambedkar had said hindus are not sacrifiecing the lons ,they are sacrifiecing the goats so once you become Ambedkarite buddhist ,you will give two fingers to hindus and their hindu led government.


    Dear Kumarpushp,
    I read many articles on Atrocity news. I dont know much more about you, but I feel that you have some extra ordinery energy to fight with the people who are against the deprived society. I request you please takeup my case with commission
    forSC.The details availableofmycaseinatrrocitynews.

  4. Download AIIMS results as PDF . Did you get a rank this time ?

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