Caste Cupola: Implicating frivolously


The story of the Police as far as FIR goes is quite funny. The case is fabricated in such a way that the Complainant puts blame on the Pardhi neighborhood for burning of the huts. Seeing the brotherhood among Pardhis, it was not that possible. However in the FIR the thick possibility of  Pardhi Panchayat being  taken into confidence by the uppercaste Land lord Mr Shantinath Patil is supressed.

Look at the  pictures, huge devastation at Madha..

Pic 01: The Pardhi Hut in ashes, and land in question in the view

Pic 02: The fire was so severe, the motorcycle lost its identity!

Pic 03: Human bodies also lost their identities; all found lying in an order, How can that happen ?

Pic 04: Neighborhood on stones throw away (so close), how is that possible?

Pic 05: Sisters implicated by Police, How's it possible?

Pic 06: Mother whose family was burnt in Cupola without mercy, No protection, No Justice, Is this DEmocracy ?

Pic 07: Dirty Politics; Home Minister R R Patil protects culprits-Baban Shinde (Local MLA) & Shantinath Patil in Modha

Readers are we staying calm and watching this Jungle Raj in India?

Before  blood revolution to arrive that will blow up Indian democracy, readers , lets unite and give answer to this dirty caste politics . Please send your support to

An interview with Mr Ashok Tagade, an Activist is here

One Response to “Caste Cupola: Implicating frivolously”

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