Caste Cupola: Upper caste conspiracy in Madha, Solapur


Nights at the Outskirts of Madha village  fear these days due to powerful upper caste men. The caste goons mind the movements of  lower caste households whose mind gears up for rights to life with dignity as fundamental right. Also historic  mandate from Vedas, that lower caste can be sacrificed to Hindu  Gods ‘FIRE’ ( mentioned in Yajur and Rig Veda) is also putting fire to caste insanity.

Pic 01: Burnt over Bodies, Bodies identification impossible

Pic o1: Bodies fused together in the last!

The story of  Pardhi families (6 children and 2 women) burning to ashes  last  Midnight is tearing down minds  all over Solapur. The painful act of  terror is worst than the Jihadi terror inPune where  people were killed indiscriminately in a planted bomb-blast. But in Madha the people were killed because they come from typical lower caste background.

Soon it comes to Police and it is disfigured, disenchanted and forgotten. The entire case takes political turn .

Rights for rights is the only thing that Dalits demand. In village Madha, when the Pardhi family won over the rights over the land, fearing worst humiliation   all upper caste goons got together. They were backed by caste public dictate (as seen in Khairlanji), exhibited the muscle power and threatened the Pardhi outskirts to vacate the land or face the consequences. Police heard the Pardhi complaints but did nothing successively.

Mr Shanti nath Patil who was unlawfully owning this land before it was warded to a Pardhi family, wanted to grab the land. He was assured and protected by Caste and political clout of local M.P.  Mr Baban  Dada Shinde (Rastravadi Congress). Maharashtra Home Minister Mr R. R. Patil comes from the same political party and not unnatural that he would not protect the party men.
So Main Villian of Humanity-1- Mr Shantinath Patil
second Main Villian of Humanity-2- Mr Baban Dada Shinde, MLA

Goons had backing of upper caste hatred. They who burnt huts and made mockery of humanity are-
Supporting Villian of Humaniy- 1- Mr Zoombar Bhairu Kale (age 50)
Supporting Villian of Humaniy-2-Mr Netaji Bhairu  Kale (age 25),
Supporting Villian of Humaniy-3-Mr. Jabbar Bhanu Shinde (age 35),
Supporting Villian of Humaniy-4-Mr Lala Baleshah Pawar (age 23),
Supporting Villian of Humaniy-5-Mr. Shivaji  Aalappa Pawar (age 24,)
Supporting Villian of Humaniy-6-Mr. Chandi Alappa Pawar (age 22),
Supporting Villian of Humaniy-7-Mr. Kamya Harkun Kale (age 30),

Pic 02: It was the time when the food was cooked and all went to sleep| See the utensils turned black in a Caste Cupola!

The pardhi family (Mr. Suresh Chgaan Pawar) derived  subsistence from that mere land . This land got awarded to them by the Govt  in 2004. The barren land got transformed into fertile fields with due efforts from the family. Seeing this the upper caste fellows could not tolerate this. They were burning with jealousy inside. The upper caste goon made many attempts to extradited Suresh Pawar family from the place.  Suresh made his firm resolve not to vacate the place come what may!  WOmen and his kids dared to stand by him.

Mothers burnt ailve:
1. Mrs Manish Sanjay Pawar (Age-26)
2. Mrs Nitabai Raju Pawar ( age- 18)

Kids not spared:
3. Mangesh Sanjay Pawar (age 6)
4. Gyani Sanjay Pawar (age 6)
5. Mahesh Sanjay Pawar (age 1/2)
6. Raju SureshPawar (age 11)
7. Chabula Suresh Pawar (age 9)
8. Piraji Ashok Pawar( age 8)

Pic 03: Police reached after 18 hours, did not arrest the main caste goons, finding if they get any clue to hide caste angle !

And on the fateful night the Caste goons surrounded the Huts and put them ablaze, they also made it sure the Kids and WOmen don’t run aways from burning Huts. Kids and Women fearing worst of attacks outside Huts prefered to die together. The bones of all the bodies   in the morning  seen fused together. Such caste crime was leasyly washed out from public cosnciousness by the local administration. They sided the powerfull uppercaste political lobby. As usual the Home minister,( AntiHero of Khailanji) Mr. R R Patil  paid visit to the village and made every effort to curb the caste atrocity look to the case.  Even another woman was falsely implicated that has given new turn to the incident. People at the outskirts have learnt to keep silent by which they could save  lives. Such is a caste terror of India!  People prefer to witness their fellowmen getting burnt live than to say anything against.

Readers Stay awake, we’ll come with AUDIO file detailing On-Spot tele… in Marathi soon….

3 Responses to “Caste Cupola: Upper caste conspiracy in Madha, Solapur”

  1. 1 anurag

    this is horryfying i just refuse to believe that it has not been covered by major news papers and it has gone unnoticed. For last three years we have been fighting a case where entire Pardhi settlement 0f 85 houses was put to ashes, a couple was killed anb women raped. through PIL we got CBI enquiry but the agency is hussingup the case. i have live coverage of the incident.
    please contact me at, 09425041624


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