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A symbolic gesture can be even virulent if happens after the caste vengeance. Exactly this is done by the Maharashtra Home Minister Mr R. R. Patil. In his usual gait, Mr R. R. Patil tested  the case as very usual and caste seems not to be the case of this case. Mr Shanti nath Patil who wanted to grab the land is thus assured […]

Nights at the Outskirts of Madha village  fear these days due to powerful upper caste men. The caste goons mind the movements of  lower caste households whose mind gears up for rights to life with dignity as fundamental right. Also historic  mandate from Vedas, that lower caste can be sacrificed to Hindu  Gods ‘FIRE’ ( mentioned in Yajur and Rig Veda) is also putting fire to caste insanity. The story of  Pardhi families […]

In an incident that could potentialy put India ablaze, is clearly under grips of Caste Mindset and it would avail no time for us  to blast  the moral order of not only Caste India but also world… At least eight people, including six children and two woman were killed when their huts were allegedly set afire by unidentified people […]