2 Minor Girls raped, Caste terror unabated in Pune


Atrocitynews Correspondant from Pune district reports…

Two bright young girls from Loni-Kalbhor village in Haveli Taluka were raped inhumanly last week in daylight. The caste terror continues unabated in the Pune district. Police administration is again caught sleeping. These girls belong to poor Buddhist and Matang family respectively. Their families have been migrated from the Marathwada region of Osmanabad district. Their families were staying at the Missalwadi which is the extended part of the Loni kalbhor village. The name Missalwadi is quite interesting name to be known about. Missal is one of the Maharashtrian dishes (which is mixture of many fried ingredients). Likewise Misalwadi is heterogeneous ghetto of mix caste-community migrated labourers which is unusual to have due to ire from rich Hindu caste Groups. As a result, THEY gave derogatory name to this particular village as Missalwadi.

LEARNING more about the victims- Both the victims are below 18, so their names can not be disclosed.

Victim no 1

The girl belongs to the Matang community is living here with family. Her family consists of three members. Her father and mother both are laborers in the fields of upper caste. They are from Osmanabad district of Marathwada region. Victim is 12 year old girl and was studying in the 6th standard in Kanya Prashala, vernacular Medium school in Loni-Kalbhor.

Victim no 2

The second girl who belongs to the Buddhist family stays with her mother and elder brother in this village since 2005. Ten years past her father met with an accident and that’s how she lost her father. Since then her mother raised her both children. She is 13 year old girl. She used to study in the 8th standard in Kanya Prashala , Vernacular medium school in Loni-Kalbhor. Her family was also migrated from the Marathwada region from the same district as mentioned above.

The incident

On December 15, 2009 as usual girls were returning from the school, they were stopped at the Pandhari Road (which was the usual root for the school) by the three accused namely

1.Shrikant Tulshiram Shelar(Lower caste),
2. Digambar Ranganath Machale(Upper caste),
3. Ganesh Dattatray Raskar(Upper caste).

They stopped them at around the 12:00 P.M and from there they took them into the sugar cane field near the Pandari Road. Victims were threatened with knife and were forcefully raped. Shrikant Shelar raped the victim no. 2 and Digamber Machale raped the victim no 1 respectively. As they were threatened by using the articles like knife and other way through using words like killing their parents if they let know about it to anyone as a result they did tell to no one. The girls were terrified by accused. However the very next day as the girls were returning from the school again they were stopped at the Ramdara by the same accused as mentioned above. They were been pulled in the auto Rickshaw with the force. And from there they were taken on the nearby mountain. (They were raped in the same fashion as they were raped on the earlier day. Shrikant Shelar raped the victim no. 2 and Digamber Machale raped the victim no 1 respectively. Their friend Mr. Ganesh Dattatray Raskar kept watch on both the day)

At home, their parents were little worried as both the girls got late to return to home, they went on to search children. Victim no. 1’s mother went on her daughter search but she did not find any. Victim no 2’s brother called Mr. Gaalfade for his mother works at his place as land laborer. He informed her that both the girls have not returned from the school. Then from there she left for huge search task. Atlast she found both the girls at Pandhari road in the evening at around 7:30 P.M. She saw them crying. She brought them at the home. And asked to tell what happened with them. Then girls opened up and told everything had happened with them. Girls also told earlier rape story too, due to fear they did not open their mouth during that time.

Then the both the family did not understand what to do next. The whole night they kept crying as they were in deep grief. However they decided to launch a police complaint. Next morning they woke up and went to the police station and asked for First Investigation Report(FIR). The Loni Kalbhor police station took their complaint and took them to the Sassoon hospital in Pune for Medical examination. Now their medical has been done, medi-reports are awaited.

Manuski’s intervention and observation

Manuski members when learnt about the incidence, they went on to meet the family on 22nd day of December, 2009. However victims’ family had gone to do the medical examination . Manuski members (including Atrocitynews correspondant) went to the Loni Kalbhor police station, talked to police inspector Mr. Rasaal about the incidence. Police provided the necessary information regarding the case and promised to cooperate further.

23rd December team along with Ms. Vandana (NCDHR) went to meet victims family. They met the family and got the copy of FIR. Members talked to the victims and their parents and tried to understand the facts of the atrocity. Team collected relevant legal information on atrocity.

Whenever Dalit woman been raped people always point the character of the Dalit woman but not the accused. It seems that the Hindu caste people been supportive to accused. They fail to see in them criminal due to strong caste fraternity. It’s been the strategy of the caste Hindu people to preserve fudalism. Pointing at character of a women is old fashion Indian male trick to deplore the case.

Facts of the case seen below (includes Victim submission, FIR)

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