Here He lays: Today 6th december

Here He rests

Pic01 : Here He rests

The man of action, the man of courage, the man who lead the civilisation in 21st Century, Dr B R Ambedkar is remembered today for his thoughts, spheeches and solidarity that prempts a nucleus of Enlightened society.

The Ashes that seeds peaceful  Revolution

Pic01: The Ashes that seed peaceful Revolution

Last Journey

Pic03: Last Journey on 6th December 1956

None of the Indian private TV news channels gave coverage to the great congregation at the Chaitya Bhumi today. Threat from Terror attacks did not demotivate the crowd owing to their great discipline. Thousands of people have started gathering since yesterday. The facilities offered by Motivated Organisations (Governmental/Non-Governmental) this year are joyously astonishing.

We will come up with the pictures soon.

Most of the foolishly competing Private channels are increasing their TRP for they get easy fodder in the form of fundametalism and related terror. They are just bombarding the minds of viewers with information devoid of facts and people are generating opinions with this information. The worst is Aaj Tak channel which is busy covering the immoral acts from Reality shows and not even mentioning the gathering of lakhs of lakhs at Shivaji Park.

The only way to be free from fear factor and stress is not tuning on any of the private news channels.

One Response to “Here He lays: Today 6th december”

  1. 1 Kumarpushp

    All Print and electronic medias are run by hindus and their hindu led government,they are ashamed to show 5 lakh gadhering on Dr Ambedkar Parnirvan Divas because, resident editor of world media who are based in Delhi will ask them question,these barbaric people will not be having answers.have a faith in Dr Ambedkar ,we will have our print and electronic medias soon ,just we have to make hindu led government weak so they should walk on their knees ,Long live Dr Ambedkar and his mission,jai Bheem

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