Campaign to stop Vedic sacrifices


After the remnants of caste system seen in the form of  appalling  Shudras (OBC’s of today), dejected Indian women ( the unequal Mother India) and outcaste rebels (Dalits) what is worst seen even today is Vedic Hawans and animal sacrifices to appease Vedic Gods. Live access to this uncivilised show can be taken on the borders of India and Nepal. Nepal being the only Hindu country offers shelter to Hindu evil practices and has beocme storehouse of Vedas for Brahmins. Because of revolutionary constitution of India, Vedic sacrifices are officially banned in Indian territory. However India’s constitutional belief in installing scientific temper in every Indian  is looked down upon by the priestly class in India, the Brahmins, the Nazi offshoots!

Despite ongoing pro-civil rights  Phule-Ambedkar movement in India,  Brahmins subtly voicing their Vedic supremacy by reorganising Hindu religion ( under misnomer ‘Hindu’ ,new term, which is only 150 year old) where they psycho-physically force lesser humans like (Khatriya, Vaishya and Shudras) to  dearrange the human values. Even seat of  Shankaracharyas  , Hare Rama Hare Kirshna cult, ‘Back to vedas’ apocryphal movement and  Paramhansa Mission are offshoots of such pogrom.  Upper caste influences Indian society merely due to Early caste advantage of  economic well-doing, and power. 

These practices are hurdle in empowering every Indian on pro-equity basis and making India a true Nation. Watch for yourself. Following Vedic pictures are taken from BBC. Times of India has done an article on how the Hindu practices are facing backwards.

But if you want to see yourself the output of RSS/Brahmin progrom or to see more sheeboliths in the Nme of Hindu religion, you need to walk into rural India, if you can’t we will let you thru this blog..Watch>>


Hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees have converged on the town of Bariyapur in southern Nepal for the Gadhimai festival. [Warning: some of the pictures that follow may be disturbing]

Butchers had to be prepared to slaughter hundreds of thousands of animal sacrifices for festival, which takes place once every five years.

Licences were granted to 250 local men who will slaughter the animals using traditional khukuri knives.

Hindu devotees take part in a number of religious rituals before the killings can begin.More than 200,000 animals will be killed over two days as a way of placating Gadhimai, a goddess of power.

The slaughter has been condemned by animals right activists who say that it is cruel and barbaric and that Hindu gods can be appeased by fruit and flower sacrifices instead.

Thanks BBC for pictures!

 What Times of India says..:

“The local  MP, Shiv Chandra Kushwaha, said he had decided to skip attending parliament – which his party had agreed to allow to convene for three critical days to pass the budget – to attend the fair since it was for a bigger cause. “About 75 percent of the people who come to fair to offer sacrifices are Indians (Hindus). We can’t stop them because it is a religious sentiment. Why blame us? It is not us who are making the sacrifices.”

An MP estimates about 15,000 buffaloes will be killed Tuesday. On Wednesday, he says, the number of slaughtered goats, roosters and pigeons will run into hundreds of thousands. The temple authorities have built a new slaughter house at a cost of nearly NRS 5 million while a huge pit has been dug to bury the heads of the butchered animals. The animal skins are being bought by tannery owners in India and Nepal.

Nepal’s government refused to ban the massacre despite warnings by animal lovers and livestock experts that it could cause an outbreak of animal-borne diseases like goat plague, swine flu and bird flu.”

4 Responses to “Campaign to stop Vedic sacrifices”

  1. “Religion was born when the first con man met the first fool.” — Mark Twain

  2. 2 Rajesh

    Animal sacrifice is also Bahujan custom among SC and OBC of India. Kancha Ilaiah has referred to this in his great book ‘Why I am not a Hindu. While Brahmins and Banias sacrifice coconut and pumpkin the bahujans sacrifice to their gods Pochamma, Yallama, pothuraju what they like most. We slaughter buffalos and drink toddy and dance.

  3. 3 Richards

    Hindu religion has brought disgress to Humankind. Better it is left with Brahmins, who still worship Gods with Coconut (Sign: Human Skull of Asuras). The incontrovert adoptions by lower caste indicate their failure to understand Vedic conspiracy in sacrificing the animals, the imitations always prevail upon slave minds. Must now, leave such religion that makes people, animals slave..once for all!

  4. 4 Vivek

    Killing animals which is contrary to the concepts of ahimsa and vegetarianism is NOT Vedic. You won’t find one serious discourse on the tradition advocating that. There are innumerous offshots of “Vedic” practices given how old the tradition is, read up more before criticizing with the clear hate you have for brahmins. Nazis? Lol

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