‘Dalit India’ appeals ‘President America’


2 Responses to “‘Dalit India’ appeals ‘President America’”

  1. 1 Pardeep Attri

    It is shameful that even after 3000 years Dalits of India are suffering. People those believe in human dignity and equal rights from all over the world should come forward to remove practices like casteism and social segregation.

  2. 2 Mark

    “Rather than focus on China as the great emerging power of the 21st century, we should focus instead on India. What does India have that China doesn’t? Democracy, rule of law, and strong fertility rates with a correspondingly low dependency ratio. Demography is destiny. Of course it does have the immoral “untouchable” stratification problem (can’t believe Michelle Obama just used the word “untouchable” in her pre-dinner speech this afternoon!), but with social and economic progress, India will reform its customs and laws, and fully integrate its entire population into its economy and society.

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