Caste in UK: Dynamics of discrimination!


 Thousands of people of Indian origin, 71 per cent of whom were Dalits, face caste discrimination in Britain, says a new report, leading to demands in the country for making it illegal.

The report, titled “Voice of the Community — A Study into Caste and Caste Discrimination in the UK”, says that the caste system is widespread and that it affects thousands of people in the workplace, the classroom and even the doctor’s surgery. British law currently does not protect people who suffer caste-based discrimination. The issue was also discussed at the committee stage of the Equality Bill 2009 in the House of Commons in June this year, but the government said evidence of this was lacking.

The new study, whose main conclusion was that there is “considerable evidence of caste-based discrimination among the Asians in Britain,” was coordinated by the Anti-Caste Discrimination Alliance (ACDA), and included academics from three British universities. ACDA hoped that the study will provide evidence to the government to make caste discrimination illegal. The study suggests that 58 per cent of the 300 people surveyed said they had been discriminated against because of their caste, while in another query 79 per cent said they did not think the police would understand if they tried to report a caste-related “hate crime”.

Source: Economic Times

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