A letter: Caste Agony


Following is the comment from a reader of Atrocitynews,  Mr. Chandraih from Pondicherry. Readers please reflect on how the caste virus has mingled among elite Indian psyche.


This is a very useful website for me to understand and fight against  state of prejudice against  SC/ST .
I have applied for the post of professor reserved for SC in Pondicherry University. I was not selected despite of my achievements and other qualifications.  It was a bitter experience for me being a  senior faculty also working as reader with 5year of experience.  

The post is  learnt to be de-reserved now  and re-advertised for open category.  What shall I do if I want to fight for the rights.





Dear Chandraih,

We, at Atrocitynews, advice you to take this battle  head on.  Try to seek in written your disqualification reasons from the committee. Get their names and Photographs along with old advertisement details for the faculty position. Please do post everything on website also send it to atrocity@cooltoad.com so that anybody can access the matter for long time to come.  You may also appeal to the National SC Commission simultaneously.

Lets do it together! Fight for Dignity is on>> here and now>>

Atrocitynews Team.

One Response to “A letter: Caste Agony”


    I have very bad experience about National Commission for scheduled caste New Delhi, please go to my appeal reflected on 14th Aug 09 on the atrodicity news site, 6th July, 30th september etc. You will find how the commission exploite the scheduled caste. I am the victim of caste basis atrocity. i advise you, not to waste your time you will not get justice from the commission, it is better to approch CAT, Or State Tribunal Authority, or file a case in the High court. this is my suggestion which is based on my experience….Sukhadeve

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