Fight just started; Breaking Caste dominance in Indian judiciary


Importantly, NCSC headed by Buta Singh has charged the Manmohan Singh government of encouraging anti-Dinakaran protestors. It said, “Unfortunately, the Union government is keeping silent which has given sufficient room to the media to play upon the constitutional rights of SCs as granted in the Constitution.” In a statement, NCSC said that the campaign was motivated by caste bias against Dinakaran who is an SC. It said the campaign was carried out by “anti-dalit and casteist elements in Bar Council of India, Bars of states and judicial activists who are known for having cateist attitude towards the increasing strength of SC/STs in the judicial services of the country”. The opposition to Justice Dinakaran’s elevation to Supreme Court has turned into a full-blown confrontation, with political outfits pitching in. The statement from NCSC adds to the caste dimension. The NCSC said, “If the tirade against SCs in judiciary is not stopped, the commission will be dutybound to take stock of the situation which has arisen from the unabashed and continuous campaign of vilification against CJI K G Balakrishnan and Justice Dinakaran.” In another case of caste dimension in judicial appointments, parliamentary forum of OBC MPs has written to law minister Veerappa Moily against the appointment of four judges to Andhra Pradesh HC. In a letter, OBC forum chairman Hanumantha Rao complained that none of the four appointed judges were from OBC/SC/ST/woman categories even though ten of them had applied.

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    Shri Buta Singh has no moral ground to pointout the finger on Prime Minister. The real fact is this Shri Buta singh himself working against the scheduled caste. I have the recent example. I have lodge a complaint with the commission in January 2008, the case was dealt by the vice chairman Prof NM Kamble and after scruitniging the case completely given his lawful judgement on 30.9.08 “that the punishment was harsh and not justified and the petioner was discriminited”. There after the case is kept in a cold storage without any action and after my pressurize on the commission . Shri Buta singh suddenly jump and by passed the vice chairman and ignored his earlier decision dated 30.9.08 and closed the case intimating that their is no violation of rules of reservation and any other violation of service safeguard. Whereas my case is entire different and not for the promotion. My case fall under article 338 clause 5 (B) ” Deprivation of right and service safeguard of the scheduled caste. which commission is silent I wrote two letter on 19.8.09 and 20.8.09 but the commission has not taken any pain to reply to my letter till date. Shri Buta singh is not working for the schedled caste welfare but he is working by killing the rights of scheduled caste on the same line of the Nashik case. Shri Buta singh has not given any justification how he reach the decision to close my case. he has not given any lawful finding how he overruled the earlier finding of vice chairman dt 30.9.08. Shri Buta Singh should leave the seat in the interest of the scheduled caste.

  2. 2 kumarpushp

    Buta singh is a paid agent of congress same as Mr Jagjeevan Ram,congress is using these hindu bumm lickers and time has come sc chairman should be appointed by panel of three people with no political affilation.

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