Indian Temples of Education: Dalits forced to eat excreta; Castevirus 002Tech2009


Following is the sample of worst caste-brutality surfacing out of elite Indian educational system. This is part of ongoing inflictions unceasingly practiced in Nehru’s temples of technology. Is India Inc. listening?

A letter from a alumnus of IT BHU is placed for perusal..The nightmare he faced due to his caste is just inhuman. Active Netizens…..Come on ..Lets rise-up against such an obnoxious act..

From: Batch of 2002

Subject: Putting  excreta in mouth and  torturing an IIT-JEE selected Dalit student in IT-BHU

Sir,  I did my from IT-BHU (2002-2007). But my course was not of technology education but an extremely dirty and painful experience for being a Schedule Caste student. I was attacked by my batchmates mostly Brahmins. They tried to mentally paralyze me by torturing and using most abusive words regularly. I was also tortured by the teachers. When the case became extremely serious I complained to the Vice Chancellor ,BHU. An enquiry committee was set up but not a single action was ever taken.

The director of IT-BHU Mr. S.N.Upadhyay and the Dean , BHU Mr. V.K. Kumra deliberately suppressed the matter and pressurised me not to make any complaints further. My case is extremely serious but I have become absolutely helpless and diappointed . I seek your legal  help and moral support to get justice- stern action against the culprits.


R.  Raman

One Response to “Indian Temples of Education: Dalits forced to eat excreta; Castevirus 002Tech2009”

  1. 1 abin

    lets al hang our shame once again,its a pity dat such thngs repeat time n again in our country evn aftr 60″”GLOROIUS”” yrs of independence,2 prvnt sch thngs frm hapening again first lets al get rid of d very prjudices we”ve in our minds . lets all get ourselves rid of our own hypocrisy… one note 2 Mr.RAMAN,keep fighting man, u r bound 2 succeed,dnt evr gv up cos dat “l again strenghtn the unholy practise of casteism, mind u man, all dese people want is 2 keep us ignorant so dat deir domination can remain 4 ever…

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