Burning Dalit is ritual: Castevirus 003MP2009


In a shocking incident, a Dalit was set on fire in Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri district for refusing to give in to the demands of a moneylender and his supporters.Narayan Singh Khangaar is battling for his life. The 56-year-old Dalit farmer has nearly 60 per cent burn injuries and was set ablaze, allegedly by a moneylender and some powerful members of his village.

Pic 01 : Caste: Burns people alive, deep pain

Pic 01 : Caste: Burns people alive, deep pain

Two years ago, Narayan had taken a loan of Rs 70,000 from the moneylender and mortgaged his land. He repaid the loan in due course and was demanding the loan papers back from the money lender. Narayan’s wife is dead and he has no heir.The moneylender wanted to grab Narayan’s two acres of land, as villagers allege.”Narayan had mortgaged his land and taken a loan from the money lender. Meanwhile, the moneylender refused to give back the land and got it registered in his own wife’s name when Narayan reiterated his demand for getting his land back. They burnt him alive,” said Govind, a village guard.A case of attempt to murder has been registered against four people, including the moneylender; all of them are on the run. The administration says the guilty will not get away.

Shivpuri has a notorious record of crime against Dalits. This is the third such incident in the last year, and many fear this may not be the last.

Source: NDTV

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