Caste Virus shocks Indian Prime Minister after 3G gap


After 3 generations of Congress rule in India, first time ever Prime Minister of India  felt pangs of caste atrocities. Over the years naked dance of caste hatred among Indian societies widely exported wherever Indians travel may it be Australia, USA, UK or South Korea which has not come in the BOP  (Balance of Payment). In order to proliferate the’ Caste Tree’ , known strategy is to fund and to build Community Based Temples (ISKON, SWAMINARAYAN ) , also  invite Gandhian  politicians for inaugural sessions for celebrity-public backing . The tradition of watering  sapling that bears venomous fruits is obvious in such caste-culture. The hate for lower caste Indians in and around world seems consequential. Many forums we see today among elite-castiest Indians  standing up merely to protect self interests and to oppose the affirmative actions on false grounds of merit. Infosys Chairman Mr Narayan Murthi has too set a silent role into this design. Caste based Hindu ideological sphere is mushrooming . PM is not shocked at this, No  Surprises!

What’s more shocking is  Prime Minister’s political statement regarding his early priority as cleansing Indian picture in the eyes of External world and therefore subsiding caste Atrocities in the Police station, instead of acting sharp on the societal ill practices.  Such an overt understanding mounts more sufferings to Dalit communities in India who constitute 25% iNDIAN population. The entire objective behind curbing the Caste Atrocities at national level is taken as part of  policy ‘development paradigm ‘ while it remains long to be seen how the Top officials including PM put up priority actions at strategic cultural level.  They have not done in past (and they will not do in future?)  as most of their blood educates in high Mansions of sophistry. How can they think of Enlightened India full of dignity and hope ! For them Enlightened Indian is status Quo. For some it is  Gandhi’s Varnashrma, for some its  KLUX KLAN, for some it is   RAMRAJYA where certain sections/castes enjoy privileges over rest under the misnomer of KARMA. Till eternity sanctions from Vedic shibboleths have prepared  India indistinct from wild animal culture. Unless constitutional ethics are emboldened in public life, no PM can feel safe about India live aside the developmental (economy) goals.

In his speech, PM quoted  Caste Atrocity convictions are little below 30% . This is a big lie. People of India thru this forum ask him from where he quoted this figure? A year not passed, Crime Reports from Central Govt Police Agencies submitted  figure far below 5%. Why is this jugglery going on?

PM might have shocked seeing (30% catapult?) convictions but if he comes to know actual convictions,  another cardiac arrest is waiting at doors. Hold on ! This is not going to happen though, the ‘caste pain’ does not touch thick skinned Gandhi/political clan!

Readers please go thru the NEws in Indian Express….

PM shocked over low conviction rate of cases under SC/ST Act

Expressing shock over less than 30 per cent conviction rate for cases of atrocities against SCs and STs, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday asked state governments to give more attention to the issue and said court cases related to such matters should be “pursued on priority”.

“Reports of atrocities against SCs, STs and senior citizens continue to appear with disturbing regularity. I have in fact written to the Chief Ministers of all states recently to enforce the provisions of the SCs and STs (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.
It is shocking that conviction rate for cases of atrocities against SCs and STs is less than 30 per cent against the average of 42 per cent for all cognizable offences under IPC. The state governments need to give more attention to this issue,” he said inaugurating a conference of state ministers of welfare and social justice here. Singh told them to conduct meetings of state and district level vigilance committees on a regular basis and said that court cases should be pursued on priority. Focussing on the need to change the general mindset towards disadvantaged groups, the Prime Minister said such people should be made equal partners in the developmental processes.

“We propose to amend the Persons with Disabilities Act in consultation with states so as to bring it in line with the UN Convention (on Rights of Persons with Disabilities),” he said.

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