Raped and Burnt alive : Caste virus 003OR2009


A 16-year-old dalit girl of Kapaleswar village in Kendrapada district succumbed to her burn injuries on Tuesday evening. She was set on fire because she protested against her offender.

Jhili Mallick was kidnapped last year and was being held against her will at Kantia Mallick’s house. On Monday, when she protested, the youth poured kerosene over her and reportedly set her on fire in the presence of his parents.

The victim’s brother, Bhagawan Mallick, alleged that he had filed an FIR against Kantia last year and informed police that Kantia had kidnapped his sister and forcefully kept her in his house. But the police did not take any step to arrest the culprit or rescue his sister. “Police only registered a missing diary in her name,” he said, adding that he had repeatedly urged the police to take action against Kantia. “But they paid no heed to my pleas. Now my sister is dead,” he said. tnn

Tension mounted at Kapaleswar after the victim’s body arrived at the village. At least 200 villagers blocked the road on Wednesday, demanding action against the police officials who earlier shielded the accused and refused to resuce the girl.

Source: TOI

3 Responses to “Raped and Burnt alive : Caste virus 003OR2009”

  1. Jai bhim
    This is very bad news and stigma to all human. I thin this time to take strong decision, because in the current perioud many cases are happening and the govt. and court is also taking bias of them. so we reform our stron youth union on national level for prevention of atrocity it will be make action plan, how to raise the issue and other strategy will be develop.

  2. 2 paikrao

    Jay Bhim,
    Whats going on this is in our country.
    To avoid such a things in future Our people should get entered in Politics and in police at high lavel.
    Till that time no justice will be given to our caste people.

  3. 3 Kumarpushp

    India is a cow shits country ,Dr Ambedkar had given a interviw to Time Magzine in 1936 where he said ,Hinduism is a not a religion but disease.Dear Buddhist Bandhus and dalit ,how long we will be raped and killed under hindu led government in India.

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