Shamelessly Casting Defence : Rape of Civilisation


This is just an aperture to peep into Indian legal system wherein  criminals are defended  under false grounds that builds the presumption that Indian judicial environment is just unjust.  Widely known Rape case of Shiney Ahuja is just an example to put ahead grim-black  face of Caste-India. Equally ill-known the creator of inhuman Caste society, Manu is worshiped and put in high respect by the judges of Rajastan High Court, nothing more can be expected from lawyers like Shivde?

International activism is badly needed to cleanse India from such mentalities, everything is infected here ! Readers please read following news and take efforts to write on the wall, otherwise perpetrators of cruel program will take centerstage!

Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja’s lawyer on Tuesday gave a new angle  to the case, claiming that the victim of the alleged rape belongs to a lower caste, which is “aggressive” in nature. During a hearing on the actor’s bail plea filed before a sessions court, lawyer Shrikant Shivde contented that Shiney hails from a “respectable” family and was wrongly implicated in the case.

Elaborating his version of “consensual sex”, Shivde argued that if Ahuja had tried to rape the victim, she could have “definitely” resisted. “She belongs to a lower caste, which is aggressive by nature, and she wouldn’t have submitted herself so easily. They are known for being aggressive,” Shivde said.

Shivde also contented that the victim had concocted the story of alleged rape and it is highly doubtful. “Rape cases can be easily concocted. It’s hard to prove them and even harder to defend. Prima facie, the case has become a little doubtful. Why didn’t the victim try to run from the crime site, if she had not relented to his sexual advances,” Shivde asked.However, Shivde agreed to have seen the medical report that says traces of semen were found in the vaginal smears collected by the doctors. “Some of the tests have proved that sexual intercourse had occurred. So we are not refuting that part. We are just contending on the allegation that the victim was raped,” said Shivde.

The prosecution, however, opposed the actor’s bail plea stating that the medical and forensic reports supported the charges against the actor. “Medical report is strong enough to nail the accused. Though the victim had no external injury, the medical report supports our case that sex was forceful,” said special Public Prosecutor R V Kini. Ahuja’s lawyer said that the actor was ready to stay away from Mumbai till chargesheet is filed. “If the court feels that my client would try to tamper with the evidence and influence the victim, he wouldn’t mind staying away from Mumbai and Raigad where the victim hails from,” Shivde told the court.

Shivde was replying to the prosecution’s argument that Ahuja would try to intimidate the victim and witnesses as he hails from an influential family.

Source: Expressnews

5 Responses to “Shamelessly Casting Defence : Rape of Civilisation”

  1. 1 ranju

    while we dalits are fighting the caste hindus. The Brahmins are loudly singing the manu smrithi in the very land of periyar

  2. 2 samrat

    No I think the point Shivde/Shiney Ahuja is trying to make is – “unlike Dalit woman, a caste Hindu woman (from respected families) don’t resist when they are being raped.” This is ridiculous argument, I don’t know if any feminist or/& humanist will buy this arguments, though there are no comments from any of them yet.

    In this case all the evidences suggest that it was forced rape. Most severe punishment must be given to this culprit.

    Why cant courts take suo moto action against Shiney Ahuja and book him under SC/ST(PoA)Act 1989, as the victim is from Scheduled Caste and is being raped.

    Are all caste hindus dumb and dead , are we a nation in first place ?


    A foreigner facing racial discrimination in India is not something new and unusual Armed with right to equality Dalits allover the country are being dicriminated humiliated tortured butchered and raped dailyd INDIA welcomes all tourists as ATITHI DEVO BHAVE but HINDUS behave on caste psychology by and large

  4. 4 Harbans Lal Badhan

    Indian Caste system is more dangerous,poisonous and harmful than chemical weapons. It divides the state and society. It is a great threat and challenge to world peace and unity. If you want to save the global society from this monster and devil annihilate the Indian Caste system. (Harbans Lal Badhan)

  5. 5 Harbans Lal Badhan

    “The untouchables (dalits) of India want economic, social, political, religious and educational equality in society, not in the eyes of God”
    (Harbans Lal Badhan)

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