Teacher killed, Caste-Violence on high spree: Beed


 Atrocitynews has been following very closely caste atrocities in Beed district as it is a strong hold of Castiest Goons who still take pride in Caste hierarchy despite no class of education.  Dalits have no way to go except (Blog)Media as the Police slips out of the picture, nay, backing perpetrators at times.

See this ghastly incidence wherein a Retired teacher was murdered by rich Groups who are spreading ‘caste tentacles’ in the district. 

 On   25th June 2009 at 4 Pm Upper caste mob attacked a (nearby peaceful) Dalit-basti in Phule Pimpalgaon, Beed Dist. In which no-one was spared . The caste-mob broke all shackles of shame  and beat younger ones and elders mercilessly, four Dalits were injured.

A  noable and respected person in the area, teacher  himself,  Mr. Sadashiv Salve when came forward to stop the menace. He sought explanation for such riot,in result, he was bittten withsticks and with sharp weapons. He was only left when seen bleeding profusely where-after he was taken to hospital by the concerned.

Belligerent Doctors also neglected his  treatment.  General practice is to pay least heed if the patient is from such community.  Same happened with the torch bearer of Basti. Dr Ashok Dabekar didn’t turn up despite requests. Sadashiv (Sir ) was left unattended.

Sadashiv (Sir) died without having access to proper treatment in Civil Hospital of  Beed.

Hearing the news, Campaign for Human Rights (CHR) ativists felt the injustice, they were in action and now seeking  strong penal action against.  The activists demand suspension of the Medical Doctor on duty, Dr Hubekar and also the (caste) currupt  Police officer in Charge of Majalgaon Police station Mr Kurumkar, else, they would not cremate the body, also would not send it  for postmortem (PM).

The details & photographs of the case are on the way along with FIR  later . Activist are seeking explanation from Police station and even protecting victim’s house.

Pic 01: Sandanshiv and others fighting against atrocity, he lost life !

Pic 01: Sandashiv (Sir) and others fighting against atrocity, he lost life !

Following is the written representation in local language  given to District Medical Surgeon and District Police Superintendent at Beed by the activists:

Pic 01: Teacher died; Representation Part I

Pic 02 : Hand-written Representation Part I

Pic 02 : Teacher died; Representation Part II

Pic 03: The hand-written Representation Part II


One Response to “Teacher killed, Caste-Violence on high spree: Beed”

  1. 1 kumarpushp

    Dear Dalit Bhandhu,How long you suffer in silence,burn the hindus and their hindu led government.Justice come through the barrel of guns.

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