Suspected atrocity: Hydrabad monk found dead


In a shocking incident, a budhhist monk , Bhikku Dhammakirti alias Shivkumar with Schedule Caste background was murdered in Hyderabad on 1st May, o9. He was the president and founder of Dhammapeeth, a Budhhist organisation and was very active in propagation of Buddhism in the state. He was also an active member in Anand Buddha Vihar of Hyderabad . He was a native from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. After finishing his studies in Pali from Sri Lanka in 1999, he initiated study-classes in Vipassana. He guided many people for conversion specially from Mysore and Hyderabad.

Pic 01 : Ven Dharmakirti : The end of peaceful life

Pic 01 : Ven Dharmakirti : The end of peaceful life

On the fateful day,   he told attendants that he was going to bed. He also told them he would go early morning to Mysore as he was guide to Ph.D. students there. However he was found dead in his bedroom at 7 AM on 1st May. His dead body was hanging by ceiling fan. Veins of both of his hands were cut and there were marks of injuries by sharp weapon on his chest. Disposable hand gloves along with paper cover were found lying on his bed.

A suicide note in Hindi was found near body, attempting to convey ‘it is suicide for self-liberation’ which is hardly true seeing the circumstantial evidences and buddhist principles.

It is alleged by his family members that he was killed by the person close but rival. There was no reasons whatsoever for ending his life in such tragic way. The police said that the suspense behind his murder will be open  only after getting his postmortem report. But it is learnt that his dead body was put to fire soon after the postmortem giving doubts to the credence of the police! The people residing nearby are under some invisible pressure and keeping lips tight . Is this due to political pressure or caste pressure, time will tell.

3 Responses to “Suspected atrocity: Hydrabad monk found dead”

  1. 1 Pramathi

    These kinds of things is usual in all religious orders and monkhood. Whether they are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian it is the same. Usually the Monks control lot of property and resources of the order and rivalries within the order are all too common. These even results in murder. No surprises in here.

  2. 2 Surreal

    If the family feels that the Killer was a “person close but rival” where is the question of caste here.
    I think you people have no other business other than sniffing some caste angle into everything.

  3. 3 kumarpushp

    Buddhist monk never committed sucide ,why dalit organisation did not demand for Postmortem from the pannel of 3 doctors including Pathologist.dalit organisation in Andhra Pradesh should not sits quietly and make sure that guilty sould be punished.Dr Ambedkar ,Ravi dasa ,all were killed by barbaric hindus so we must keep watch on our born enemy.

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