Landless, casteless & educated Rohidas butchered in Gandhi’s animalistic Ramrajya (Panchayat Raj): Castevirus 004MH2009


Rohidas Tupe was stoned to death by the Castiest hooligans last week. He belonged to ex-untouchable, Mang community from Pal Taluka, Fulambari Dist rict of Aurangabad.

The story goes like this-

Rohidas Tupe and Vaishali Vitthal Jadhav were class mates in school days. She belonged to Maratha community, an upper caste. Rohidas coming from ex-untouchable background was witty and cleaver that made him distinct personality in school. Vaishali got attracted to him and became friends. Due to caste biases the situation became difficult for both. When her parents came to know about this, he admonished Rohidas and pressurised his father to make him leave the school.

Rohidas and Vaishali could manage some time after school to meet. Vaishali’s father came to know the meetings, he gotten angry to which she did not pay heed to.

Post-schooling, Rohdas went to Aurangabad for further education. Despite opposition the friendship did not stop. Mr Jadhav, the father, attempted to poison Rohidas on several accounts. Even Rohidas was once admitted to the hospital. He recovered in long time.

Mr Jadhav additionally registered a false case against Rohidas under IPC section 354. Police arrested Rohidas but he got bail immediately. Since 2007, Rohidas was working with a pharmaceutical company that improved his living standards. Warnings from home, Vaishali would still meet Rohidas. Mr. Jadhav realised that he could not separate both so he finally decided to revenge on him, to exterminate him. The ire of uppercaste barons in the village who were against such allience was also at threshhold. They fuelled Mr Jadhav and extended every kind of animistic help in the forthcoming revenge game.

On the fateful day of 23rd Feb 2009, Mahashivratri Hindu festival was in force, Rohidas arrived in the village, he visited the Mahadeo temple. Soon the uppercaste villagers gathered upfront and cought him. They seem to have started beating him up. They took him to statue of King Shivaji where his cloths were removed. Rohidas was tied up to electricity poll and was bitten in blues by mob. Villager threw chilli powder and salt on the his wounds. When Rohidas asked water to drink, animal named ‘Bhau Tejrao Jadhav’ urinated in his mouth. Kerosene was thrown on his body. Whole episode was shamelessly witnessed by the village mob of 150 just similar to Khairlanji. Most of them took part in the hienous process, beating to him till death. Rohidas died soon.

• In this village Police patil name Ramesh Reshwal an ex-utouchable (Chamar caste) rang Fulawari police station. Two policemen came in but villagers pelted stones at them. They returned and demanded more police but Rohidas died much earlier. In this case police Patil and both two police constable are applicant.
• Soon after the incidence Dalit colony was terrorized by some upper castes goons. This introduced height of fear among the suffering community.
• It is later learnt that there is is huge anger among Maratha community due to Dalit awareness on Land rights. Dalits are seen fighting a legal battle for ownership of grazing land of 450 acres. They know much of law than the police here due to higher education. Irony is most of uppercasre are still powerful with muscle and money . They are hurdle in giving lawful rights to Dalits whereas in many instances they hold even Grazing land unlawfully. There is no end to the suggering if the civil society doesn’t come to rescue of peace loving progressive Dalits.

Election are near every uppercaste is posing with a Gandhian hat in an ugly gait.

Mr. Gandhi, Are you listening? What does Panchayati raj mean to your educated upper caste brother for whom you secured political freedom and ran away from social equality?

Is it your own religious way to establish a Ramrajya where Dalits are butchered every day like animals despite thier lofty education?

( The converted buddhists after Dr Ambedkar in Maharastra are making roads to equality every day and soon crossing 85% literacy rate mark far above national average.)

4 Responses to “Landless, casteless & educated Rohidas butchered in Gandhi’s animalistic Ramrajya (Panchayat Raj): Castevirus 004MH2009”

  1. 1 Vinod Rajshekar

    This article is poorly written with several typographic, Gramatical and factual errors. It is hard to take anything as truth from such a poorly written biased article.

    BTW “On the fateful day of 23rd Aug 2009, Mahashivratri Hindu festival.”

    Mahashivaratri is celebrated in the month of February.

  2. 2 kumarpushp

    Dalits have to learn the lesson from muslims who are constitutes about 20%.time has come to ounish the hindus and their hindu led government in India.

  3. 3 kumarpushp

    Please read as time has come give two finger to hindus and their hindu led government.

  1. 1 Rohidas gone, Atrocities Continue; Lower Court’s Inefficient Judgement, an Order of the Day- « Atrocity News

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