Shindi: Accused gets bail


The result is the same, the system protects prejudice. Only way to suffering ex-untouchables is to leave the village.
The district court today granted a bail to the accused and in spur of moment these demons have shaped into community heros for their deeds, terrifying the victims more. The judgement has increased their appetite for unlisted malpractices. That suggests now Shinde’s will have to vacate the village. If not they will be summarily punished till life ends with caste-community veto.

In the subsequent even the Supritendent of Police is also transfered. What happens to the legal course and Police investigations will not be much, if in such situation the victims get justice then it would be miracle.
Meanwhile the activist from CHR are helping morally the suffering family in Shindi

3 Responses to “Shindi: Accused gets bail”

  1. 1 kureela

    How long dalits will suffer in India which is being ruled by hindu led government.1947 ,Dr Ambedkar ask for seprate village for dalits.are any Buddhist dalits are looking for seprate settlement for poor dalits ?

  2. 2 Halbhavi

    Kureela – Separate settlements is simply an unfeasable idea. Even Babsaheb never mentioned it when Indian constitution was drafted. His vision was an India of social equality. Separate settlements will simply hijack the whole problem of justice to a different dimension. No prizes for guessing who will lose due to separatism.

  3. 3 kureela

    Dr Ambedkar had said in 1946 for seprate village for dalits in India as given for Bhantu tibes in south Africa.time has come buddhist should work towards the seprate village for dalits in India where they can save their Abru and their properties and live peacefully away from barbaric hindus.

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