‘Rape !’, It’s a Caste order


RAPE OF DALIT GIRL AT PIPALGAON SADAK , Tahsil- Lakhni, District- Bhandara, MAHARASHTRA. Our correspondant Sandeep reports… 


Many of us must have read about this incidence from different sources, but to get detail first hand information, I asked one of my friend to visit the place and find the real facts regarding the actual incidence. My friend Vinod visited Pimpalgaon and asked the brother of the victim girl regarding this whole incidence. He came up with several facts which are very much shocking. Actual case as published in the newspapers is just a tip of the iceberg . The newspapers have written – the 17 year old girl , while returning to her home , after taking some groceries from local shop was abused by three fellows, taken to nearby tank , and raped. Police has arrested 3 accused and the inquiry is still going on. The actual information which I got speaks up a very different story. Actually it all started with the social tension that has arisen between the dalits and other castes during the time of Dhammachakra Pravartan Day celebrations. Before the incidence took place the victimized family had quarrels with their neighbour named Ramkrushna Behre aged 28 years. He decided to take revenge and got a chance when the girl was returning from the grocery shop taking match box with her at around 8 pm . It needs to be mentioned that her home is away from the locality and the road leading to her home was quiet deserted at that time.

Shameless Newspapers reporting only three fellows were involved in the case but actually there were five . One of them named as Ramesh Jivtode is 37 year old. All five of them took her to nearby Talab ( a small Lake )and gang raped her in turn. Finally they tried to kill her by dipping her in water. Once they were assured that the girl is dead they left the body and returned back . In fact the girl was not dead but had got unconcious. When she regained her senses, she came back to home and narrated the whole incidence to the family. She was then taken to the nearby PHC at Lakhni. She was examined their for evidences of rape and then case was lodged in police station. The accused were arrested and are in Police remand. But the shocking thing is that only 3 of them have been arrested and remainng two are still at large. One of the friend of girl named Chaya acted as witness and told whole story to the police as narrated to her by the suffering girl.

Already tainted Local political leader Mr Nana Patole then came into picture .  He tried to put a premature end to the case. The family of the vistim was offered monetary help to allure them and withdraw the case. Family was even tortured by saying that they will be killed if they don¢t give in. Most interesting part of the story is statement of Chhaya the witness ; she was taken by police at local office of Chhava sangram parishad a organization headed by nana patole , organization imfamous for spreading hatred between Dalits and OBCs. The whole case is all about the atrocities faced by dalits but still atrocity act has not been lodged on the accused. The whole victimized family and the witness are pressurized by the influential people of the local area. The two doctors who examined the body are well known to us and their report can be obtained. Case is very sensitive but due to the lacunas in our system and absence of our pressure groups in our society , the fate of the case may be just like 100s of such cases of Dalit atrocities where the culprits go unpunished. So I request all of you to create substantial mechanism which will take care of such happenings in the future. There is need of organizational support to the victimized family and that must be provided. Hoping for the better future when we will be ruling and no one will dare to see towards our women with bad intensions. more details available soon….

29 Responses to “‘Rape !’, It’s a Caste order”

  1. 1 kumarpushp

    Where is our dalit panthers and other buddhist organisation ,please for god sake help the victim and their family ,otherwise dalits would not forgive you resevation wallas who are having bread and butter ,and other side our sisters are being raped by barbaric hindus.if this happened in Maharasthra where dalits are awaken long ago what will happened in other state where dalits are under control of hinsus. Shame on dalit leaderships.

  2. 2 Ghatge Baba

    Unfortunately both the victim and the victimizer were bahujans – dalits and OBCs. If things go like this Bahujan unity will be broken. We should first bring bahujan unity only then the atrocity on Dalits stop. In kahirlanji and in Jajjhar both these places OBCs attacked and killed Dalits. We have to find a solution to this as we cannot afford to break unity between OBC and Dalits. OBC are not hindus and Kancha ilaiah has proved it in his masterpiece. We dalits need to get this message across to OBCs.

  3. 3 kumarpushp

    You can not teach OBCs ,they are fully under controlof hindus.can you change Modi,Lallo,Nitish Kumar,Vinod Katiyar,Mulayam singh yadav,and MP chief ministers.Bjp is giving chief minister post to these OBCs and they are enjoying the slavery.

  4. 4 Sophist

    Modi under control of Hindus. Well he is very much Hindu and championing Hindutva.

  5. 5 kumarpushp

    Modi is enjoying hte slavery like kholu ka Bail.

  6. 6 Raghu Ram

    If a rape takes place and the victim happens to be a ‘dalit’, it is an ‘atrocity’. But the rape of women/girls of other communities (which does happen very often), how it is not an atrocity?

  7. 7 kumarpushp

    India is being ruled by barbaric hindus,every six houe,one dalit woman is being raped by barbaric hindus.mr Raghu ram ,you are blind same way as your god rama who had killed shambukha because brahmins started dying as shambhukha stated studying.you are a frog in hindu pond ,please come out from hindu yokes.

  8. 8 kumarpushp

    Please read as six hour. thanks million.


    It is very shamefull to our society, we should unit and fight in all way…? against the uppercaste soiciety including our leader who enjoye on the cost of society.1st we should clean our soicety leader then think others. we should not vote , we should not follow them, be your own leader against caste discrimination….

  10. 10 BK

    Nothing Wrong in this, One OBC is helping another Dalit by Rape, All the BSP Mulnivasi supporters should Just let go the Rapist Mulnivasi Brother!!, after all it should be brotherhood between Dalit and OBC aka Mulnivasis;

  11. 11 kumarpushp

    Dear BK,Great Aurangjeb had helped your mother sister because you hindus were not ablr to satiesfied them so Muslims ruler had satisfied your mother and sisters.

  12. 12 BK


    You are so naive, shows your IQ and culture from your language. The Dalits and Mayawati Bhakt SCs go a mile for MULNIVASI Concept – then why not let OBCs aka Mulnivasis let go with this SO CALLED CRIME. If you happen to be in Lakhni then you migh not know that this Girla was already going out with the Guys and having Fun; Some more friends or the guy Just Joined-in The free Ride. This was not the Cast Crime or atrocity. Secondly you must be an IDIOT To think I am a Muslim or a HINDU. Well U definitely need reservation in using Internet.

  13. 13 kumarpushp

    bk,you hindus are born barbaric ,muslims are blood brothers of dalits,time has come muslims,dalits and christian should join together to fight common enemy wheter it is hindus,OBcs or Harijan.long live Aurang jeb and |Jinha sahab.. .you are born idiots even you parents did not give you a name also,take you ass off from this site.

  14. 14 BK

    Looks like you are very weak in Paragraph Reading or you have Problem of English Learning Disability!!! Worst could be You are metally Challenged.

    If you R Mentally Challenged then I Excuse you for your Idiotic language and hope that some local school for Mentally Challenged will help you.

    Read my Post above, it says

    “Secondly you must be an IDIOT To think I am a Muslim or a HINDU.”

    and even after that you conviniently posted the message saying:
    “bk,you hindus …..”

    Well certainly you need some Classes/Tution

    Also if you think that OBCs will Join hands with Dalits then why not PARDON the Lakhni incident OBCs for the Crime?????

    Jai MULNIVASI(off course it is sarcastic)

  15. 15 kumarpushp

    Hay asshole BK ,you are hindu ass hole ,get off you ass from this blog,we donot give any shits to hindus including your ass hole OBCs.you hindus are born barbaric,and time is not faraway when we will f,,,,,, you and your hindu led government in India.

  16. 16 BK

    Now you have confirmed that you are mentally challenged… Once again (even after telling 3 times) you think I am an OBC. Well soon you will get help from some Mentally Challenged school.

    I just wish that you can tell the same to BSPwalas – to keep away from stupid MULNIVASI idiotness.

  17. 17 kumarpushp

    Hay BK,you hindus arte born barbaric and rapist,rapist is rapist whether OBC or any other hindus.you go and eat the shankrachaya shits and drink cow urine cola which is being markated by RSS thug.dalits are keeping their leg on your bharatmata breast dear BK.

  18. 18 BK

    In know you R a fundamentalist Dalit… and want to blaim everything on Hindus..
    No wonder Non-Dalits think Dalits are idiots becuase of people like you. Even after writing n number of times, your still claim that I am a Hindu.
    FYI I am a fundametalist Ambedkarite but don’t call my self a Dalit anymore as I am not oppressed as on today.

    Because of idiots like you the Ambedkarite communuty gets a bad name.
    The language you use and not reading what is posted shows that you still need reservation in Education(even after being able to use internet)

    It is highly recommended that you should also get some reservation in Mental Asylum so that you can improve fast.

    And please excuse the Mulnivasi Brothers for the So called Crime of raping Dalit girls..OBCs are mayawatis and BSP walas Brothers..Don’t hurt your own brothers.

    JAI MULNIVASI(whatever it means)

  19. 19 kumarpushp

    You idiot donot call your self as Ambedkerite,Ambedkarite want to annhilate the hindus and their hindu led government.Rapist is the rapist whetherOBCs or any other cow shits hindus.we donot involve with any cow shits hindus.for your information sake ,I donot require any cow shits resevation ,even I donot give any cow shits to your bharat mata.I keep my leg on your bharat mata bre,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

  20. 20 kumarpushp

    Dear BK,for your kind information,I donot require any cow shits your country or any resevation.I am buddhist and having intrest to librate the Bodh Gaya temple from barbaric hindus.My second intrest to force the hindu led government to pass the Buddhist code bill and my third intrest to see the saxena committe report which was constituted after DR Ambedkar killing in Delhi and My forth intrest is to stop the dalit holocaust in hindu India and my fifth intrest is to see dalit medias in India.I donot give any shits to hindus or there hindu led government.Dalits have to covert to buddhism first then other problem will solve in one stroke. For your kind information there is no black color in Indian flag.Dalits require seprate county away from barbaric hindus .No body will come to resque dalits and dalits have to fight this war with own hand ,no mulnivashi will come and rescue dalits.

  21. 21 kumarpushp

    Dear Bk ,where you are hiding ,if you are a Ambedkerite which I have adoubt,come and give answer who are responsible for killing and raping poor dalits,are they muslims or Christians,Sikhs ,Jain .I would say none ,Hindus are the culprit of Dalit holocaust in India and we have to give two finger to hindus and their hindu led government.What Kanshi ram had said we want a week government in Delhi dear BK.

  22. 22 BK

    I have one simple answer for you
    “Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.’ which I feel you fit into IDIOTs category.

    It has been proved by your Reading and language. and I am sorry I don’t need to prove an idiot who can not discuss anything without using foul language.

    you must be a Marathi( don’t ask how I think so – just check your few words)

    I agree that the govt in India is led by Hindus..but ask those MP/MLA Idiots who were elected on reserved seats given by Babasaheb’s Poona Pact.

    and I am sorry ….those Dalits who want to be Hindus(just like Mayawati and kanshiram) I give a damn. If they are true Ambedkarites they should have changed from Hinduism to Buddhism long back.

  23. 23 kumarpushp

    Dear BK,Iam Ambedekrite buddhist of 3rd genration and donot require your resevation or any Indian Passport.I donot give any shits to hindus or hindu led government .If hindus would be friend of dalits means Dr Ambedkar would have not embraced the Buddhism.You are stupid fellow who is still thinking that hindus will come rescue you .Make India weak ,demolished the every brick of hinduism if you want to make dalits to follow the Buddhism.you go and prostrate in front of hindus and their gods and godeses.Dr Ambed kar had signed the Poona pact under pressure from Congress .Congress had told publically that if Gandhi died we will butured the every dalits.Ambedkerite buddhism is different from hinduism dear BK.As for as Marathas are concerned who are constitute 30% of Maharastra Population but galloping 80% resources.Shiva ji was so coward even he accepted the Tilak on his forhead by brahim great toe.Neither maratha nor hindus are friend of buddhist ,we should make them weak so they should walk on their knees and then buddhist can ride on their back dear BK.come out from mania of hindu friedships. Hindus are men eater tiger in sheep skin.Mayawati is a still hindu and practising buddhist is most dangerous then hindus .Goenka is making practising buddhist be careful dear BK.

  24. 24 BK


    R U a goenka’s Vipassi by any chance???? Just getting a Gut Feeling that you might be one of his(Stupid Bhagvan Goneka’s) follower. Or else blinded by BSP’s Mulnivasi Crap.

  25. 25 kumarpushp

    Dear Bk,I donot give any shits to Goenka or any mulnivashi or Mayawati.It is cowshits to believe that politicians will help the dalits .

  26. 26 BK


    My advise to you, do not interact with self proclaimed Ambedkarites; most of them are Mayawati/Goenka and vipassana Bhakt. these idiots(bhakts of Mayawati and Goenka) are one dumbs who can’t understand the reality. Good luck to you.

    and FYI generalising every crime as atrocity, when a SC/ST is involved is pure sutpidity

  27. 27 kumarpushp

    Dear BK,Dalits have to use their both hand to defend them self by keeping Buddha and HIS DHAMMA ON THEIR HEAD .Dr Ambedkar had said EDUCATE ,AGITATE,ORGANISE ,I WOULD LIKE TO ADD ONE MORE FIND A FRIENDLY COUNTRY WHO SHOULD STAND BY SIDE OF DALITS AND THEIR RELIGION.


    Dear BK/Kumarpushp, please stop all difference of opinion each other, please do something for the people of our society which is realy great tribute to our great leader Dr.BR Ambedkar. I am given one example, I filed a case in the National commission for scheduled Caste, New Delhi in January 2008, the vice-chairman Prof NM Kamble decided the case in my favour on 30th Sep 2008, the lawful finding is ” Punishment was harsh and not justified and the petitioner was discriminated”. Thereafter, the commission uppercaste babus shri YK Bansal kept my file into a cold storage and has not taken any action even he failed to give the copy of the decision dispite of my several request and reminders.Ultimately ,I can able to get the above decision in JULY 2009 through RTI application.The Commission kept my file 1.10.08 to 30.7.09 and now they took U turn,to their earlier decision dated 30.9.08 and intimate me vide their letter dated 13.8.09 that their is no violation of safeguard to scheduled caste and they will not intervine in the matter further.Immediately I wrote the letter to chairman and vice chairman and joint secretary of NCSC how they took U turn, but no body dared to replied me till to day. I request both of U their are so many problums in our society, if anybody solved one problum of the society, this is the great contribution to their society. I appeal both of U please takeup the matter with NCSC with the help of some stall words and asked what action they have taken in my case? please ask monthwith report wef Oct08 to 31st July 09 and what is the reason how they took U turn on their earlier decision, please ask Justification.If U succedded, please intimate me. Please ensure U can able to get the information as earliest possible, The commission is a Master to delay the case, and they will try to their best level to conceled the information….Jai Bhim…Sukhadeve

  29. 29 kumarpushp

    Dear Mr Sukhdev,I am sorry to inform you that I had left India for different mission but I would advise you keep gun in your pocket .Dr Ambedkar had said nobody will sacrifiece the lions ,and hindu always sacrifiec the goats so bea lion and every thing will follow in your path.thanks Jai Bheem

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