Terror via religion: Test of India


Recent terrorist attack by Muslim militia and growth of Bramhan militia activities ring bell and should set us thinking about what can be done to better the situation, which is polarising so fast with a potential to flare up the violence which will affect the common citizens. As the followers of Babasaheb, what should be done in this situation which leads to loss of life and create a human society which is full of suspicions and doubts. Most importantly the fear that is lurking in the hindsight of the citizens. If it goes on and on, we are heading towards a very disastrous situation. Bramhan militia and Muslim militia mutually reinforce themselves and make them strong, the mutually dance of consentisation of the identities will destroy democracy in this country and affect the history of constitutionalism which is so vital for us. 
We have so much to offer to the situation positively. First of all I think we should concentrate on bringing together the Dalits found in all these religions and stress on humanism and peaceful societies. If we can attempt to bring together our people who are found in all these religions in majority, we can diffuse the forthcoming tense situation and save democracy.  The media is depicting state apparatus in such a way that they are futile and not useful. There is no alternative, but to diffuse identities which leads to wrong views and create governmental apparatus and make them more effective to counter any slightest possibility of polarisation on religious lines.  The Ambedkarite organisations must roll out their plans to help people (to start with our own people in other religions) to realise that great human life is in danger due to this political and religious plot.  I wonder what Babasaheb would have done in such a situation to save human lives destroyed by foolish ideas and orthodox people. I also think he presents us a model to work with such situations as reflected in his very thoughtful books like, Thoughts on Pakistan and Who were Shudras?


Source: BC

2 Responses to “Terror via religion: Test of India”

  1. 1 kheru

    i am currently doing some work reg dalits over the world. Any pointers towards the condition of dalits living in pakistan and bangladesh would be of immense help.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Dear Kheru,Please contact the editor of DALI VOICE which is published from Banglore .www.dalitvoice.org.I met dalits from Pakistan they are thousand time better then dalits of India.

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