Caste violence in Dr.Ambedkar Law College, Chennai – A Report




“When we are studying, they try to disturb us. When we are appearing for exams, they prevent us. When we are in hostel, they trouble us. When we ask for the rights from the college administration, the officials ignore us.” This is what is happening in Ambedkar Law College, Chennai for years. For so long, the dalit students were tolerant to the maximum, and maintained the order of not entering into violent retaliations against the provocative caste hindu students. The caste hindu student’s primary motive was to prevent dalit students in appearing for the exams further endangering their future who come from impoverished background.

            History has diarized the oppressive practices of caste hindus particularly in rural areas. The dalits in rural areas are still facing the problem of untouchability for which they could not react due to the dependency on caste hindus for livelihood. For these rural dalits, education alone shall become the panacea for their suffering. Hence, dalit students migrate to colleges in cities for social dignity, and better job opportunities. Now they are wonderstruck with the hegemonies attitudes of caste hindu students who find all possible ways to prevent and hamper their progress.


Violent attack on Dalit students by caste hindu students:

The caste hindu students have been consistently attacking dalit students in Dr.Ambedkar Law College, and in law college hostel. On 12th November 2008 at Dr.Ambedkar Law College Chennai, group of the students reportedly belonging to the Thevar/Yadavar caste attacked the Dalit students. This incident aired on all leading news channels. One dalit student was severely injured when a Thevar student attacked him with a dagger. Immediately the dalit students reacted to the brutal act of caste hindu students.

            The clashes between the caste hindu students and dalit students have become customary in Dr.Ambedkar Law College, chennai. The violence among students has escalated to a larger scale after the formation of a caste based organisation “Mukkulathor Manvar Peravai” in college with the help of caste hindu leaders (Mr.Seenisami Thevar, Mr.Ramakrishna Thevar, and Mr.Sridhar vandiyar). Whilst the politically backed Muthuramalingam Thevar birth celebration in Tamil Nadu, the Mukkulathor Manavar Peravai (MMP) celebrated inside the college on 30th October 2008. The MMP students, in commemoration of Muthuramalingam Thevar, published pamphlets, and simultaneously insulted dalit students by truncating name of the college and wrote “Chennai Law College” in their pamphlets instead of Dr.Ambedkar Law College. Such a provocative act of MMP students infuriated dalit students. The dalit students demanded MMP students to include the full name of college in pamphlets/posters. The MMP students immediately started beating dalit students, and threatened not to appear for exams. The problem continued further, and hampered the dalit students to prepare and appear for exams.

Examination started on 5th November 2008 in Dr.Ambedkar law College, Chennai. Bharathi kannan, Arumugam, Ayyadurai, and other MMP students wandered around the college premises with deadly weapons and threatened dalit students not to appear in examinations. 

On 7th November, MMP students attacked dalit students (Meganathan, Sivaraj, Raja, chithirai selvan, and Ezhumalai) in broadway bus stand for appearing in exams. Bharathi kannan, leader of MMP, along with Arumugam, ayyadurai and vijay attacked with deadly weapons out of which, ezhumalai was severely injured on head. He was later admitted in General Hospital for treatment. Many students refused to appear for the exams due to fear of attack by MMP students.

The following days, the MMP students planned for a mass attack against dalit students. The dalit students immediately sought for protection from the college authorities. However, as usual, the college authorities took no interest on the complaint. Hence, considering all these threats and attacks senior dalit students organized and took responsibility of preventing clashes among students during the examination process. The college authorities were well informed by the dalit senior students about the precarious situation.

On 12th November, dalit students went to appear for the exams at Dr.Ambedkar Law College, Chennai. Bharathi kannan and arumugam, as per their plan, came by bike with weapons, and waited near high court new chamber building for Ayyadurai. In the mean time, Ayyadurai came out of exam hall and was attacked by dalit students. After realizing that Ayyadurai was not carrying deadly weapons, the dalit students comforted him.

Earlier at around 1.00 pm Bharathi kannan communicated to his team to be alert and take positions for attacking dalit students. Mr.Gopal, a retired employee from kalapakkam automic energy station, noticed Bharathi kannan sharpening a dagger. In the meantime principal handed over a petition to B2 Espalande Police station to provide protection for students in the college briefing about a possible clash among students. Police officials took no immediate actions on this issue. Rather, the police suggested the principal to contact BSP state convenor for intervention. According to sources, the police had a plan of arresting BSP leader under this situation due to the pressure of caste based organizations.

Bharathi kannan, and Arumugam entered the campus from jumping over the law college-high court compound wall. Arumugam ran towards chithiraiselvan, who was earlier attacked by MMP students several times. Arumugam, with his dagger, attacked chithiraiselvan. After the attack, dalit students ran for his help and retaliated in support of chithiraiselvan. Further, Bharathi kannan took his dagger out and attacked chithiraiselvan. Chithiraiselvan received attacks on his head, and lost one of his ears during the clash.

 Dalit students infuriated with wounds of chithiraiselvan attacked bharathi kannan and arumugam with sticks in order for preventing assault as may reasonably cause the apprehension that death will otherwise be consequence of such assault. Bharathi kannan, in order to escape the attack, intentionally fell near the gate. It is also to be noted that Bharathi kannan has given a statement to Nakeeran, a popular tamil magazine, that he deliberately fell near the gate in order to prevent further attack from dalit students.

The police personnel who were watching the whole incident were present ever since Bharathi kannan jumped out of court compound wall to enter college and ran with dagger to attack chithiraiselvan. They took no action to prevent the violence.

The police arrested 27 dalit students and 14 caste hindu students. Out of 27 dalit students, 17 are imprisoned in Puzhal prison, and 10 are in Saidapet sub jail. Chithiraiselvan was admitted to Royapettah General Hospital, and arrested under sections 147, 148, 307, 506(2) (Attempt to murder) of the IPC. He is under plastic surgery treatment of damaged ears.

Section 506(2) was invoked upon Bharathi Kannan and Arumugam. So far they have not been arrested due to the strong political and caste based organization support. According to sources, Trichy Siva, Member of Parliament, has been constantly supporting Bharathi Kannan in his activities.

Gokul Raj, who is neither a student of Dr.Ambedkar Law College nor involved in the incident, was arrested when he told the police that he is a dalit student from Tirupathi Law College.    


History of violent attacks on dalit students in Dr.Ambedkar Law College:

The caste hindu students were constantly harassing dalit students in the college hostel at purasawakkam, chennai. On many occasions, the caste hindu students refused to share rooms with dalit students and demanded for separate Backward Class hostel to college authorities.  Few months back, Bharathi Kannan brought more than 50 rowdies into the college campus to attack dalit students. The dalit students immediately reported to B2 police station to take legal actions against Bharathi kannan and others. The police took no interest in the case, and no action was taken against the perpetrators. The college authorities too were reluctant in considering the case, and ignored out rightly. Bharathi kannan has been involved in several criminal cases. However, so far no action was taken by college authorities and police officials.


Induced retaliation by dalits against caste hindu students

The dalit students were repeatedly attacked by MMP students. Dr.Ambedkar Law College has a gruesome history on caste based violence perpetuated by MMP students against dalit students. Throughout, dalit students were highly tolerant and took all peaceful measures to overcome caste discriminations and caste based violence. The dalit students of Dr.Ambedkar Law College have periodically reported to the police station, college authorities, and adhered to peaceful approaches to prevent caste violence. None of the dalit students have any criminal cases against them so far unlike MMP students. The dalit students hail from poor rural families of Tamil Nadu, and have very good track record in their respective villages.

The MMP students wanted to extend their domination in Dr.Ambedkar Law College, and tried all violent ways to prevent dalit students from pursuing their education. The reactionary act of dalit students are just an outcome of the persistent attack on them perpetuated by MMP students. The dalit students on 12th November attacked Bharathi kannan, Arumugam, and Ayyadurai in order for preventing further violence as these three already stabbed dalit students with daggers with the intention of killing them. The dalit students pleaded in all legal measures before attacking the MMP students. Since, the police and college authority failed to prevent violence among students, the dalit students were forced to retaliate attacks against MMP students.

A significant part in the clash is that the dalit students never used deadly weapons unlike the MMP students. Even though the dagger was taken away from Bharathi kannan and Arumugam, none of the dalit students used dagger for attacking the MMP students.

Anti-dalit campaign by media, and caste hindu activists:

Some of the caste hindu dominated media has been repeatedly using news channels against dalit students. The video clippings are highly biased, and communicate only the reactionary and defensive acts of victimized dalit students who were assaulted. The constant violence carried by MMP students, and attack by Bharathi kannan and Arumugam that has lead to the violent clash has totally been removed. Rather, the dalit students were portrayed by the media as the perpetrators.

The MMP students have very strong political hold, and enjoy support from caste based organizations in Tamil Nadu. AIADMK announced fasting on 23rd November which is conducted by students of the party. AIADMK requested party members, students, and public to take action against dalit students for attacking Bharathi kannan and Arumugam.


Wide scale protest witnessed in many districts by the backward class organizations to take action against dalit students. Nearly about 22 public transports were damaged by the violent protest. Political parties such as DMK and ADMK have raised issues against the dalit students in assembly. Posters portraying against dalit students by caste hindu organizations has been witnessed in many districts of Tamil Nadu.


Demands and Recommendations:

1.      Demand for the release all 27 dalit students from prison under IPC section 100, 102 and 81. Dalit students were not having any intention of harming MMP students. In order to prevent further attacks from MMP students, the dalit students attacked. The right of private defence used by dalits students against MMP students was due to the act of MMP students which does reasonably cause the apprehension of death or of grievous hurt, and that there was no time to have recourse to the protection of the public authorities. If the dalit students had the intention of killing the MMP students, they would have brought deadly weapons or grabbed the daggers from MMP students and would have attacked.

According to section 100, the Right of private defence of the body extends, under the restrictions mentioned in the last preceding sections, to the voluntary causing of death or of any harm to the assailant if the offence which occasions the exercise of the right be of any of the descriptions hereinafter enumerated namely:-

                                                              i.      Such an assault as may reasonably cause the apprehension that death will otherwise be consequence of such assault

                                                            ii.      Such an assault as may reasonably cause the apprehension that grievous hurt will otherwise be consequence of such assault. 

According to IPC section 102, the right of private defence continues as long as such apprehension of danger to the body continues.

According to IPC section 81, Act likely to cause harm but done without criminal intent and to prevent other harm – Nothing is an offence merely by reason of its being done with the knowledge that it is likely to cause harm, if it be done without any criminal intention to cause harm, and in good faith for the purpose of preventing or avoiding other harm to person or property.

2.      Immediate release of Gokul Raj who is neither a student of Dr.Ambedkar Law College nor connected to the incident. There was no common object between Gokul Raj and dalit students of Dr.Ambedkar Law College. Mere presence at the scene of rioting does not make a person an offender under the offence of rioting. Gokul Raj has neither common object nor taken some active participation in such offence. He was neither armed with deadly weapon of offence nor with anything which is used as a weapon of offence. Hence, Section 147 and 148 should be revoked upon him.

3.      Invoke IPC section 147 and 148 upon Mukkulathur Manavar Peravai students who had come with 40 rowdies to attack dalit students. They carried armed weapons for the purpose of injuring and killing dalit students who came for appearing exams.

4.      Invoke IPC section 120A and 120B against Bharathi Kannan, Arumugam, and Ayyadurai on criminal conspiracy with the intention killing dalit students who appear exams.

5.      Revoke IPC section 147 and 148 upon dalit students as they have only exercised the right of private defence, which is acceptable under IPC section 100. The right of private defence used by dalits students against MMP students was due to the act of MMP students which does reasonably cause the apprehension of death or of grievous hurt, and that there was no time to have recourse to the protection of the public authorities. The dalit students were not having any “common object” of criminal force as stated in IPC section 141 (Unlawful assembly).

6.      The authorities of Dr.Ambedkar Law College should impose ban on Mukkulathur Manavar Peravai, and prevent functioning inside college premises

7.      Financial support to all 27 dalit students to be extended for facing expenses, and loss incurred due to arrest as all these students hail from socially and economically poor families.

8.      Dismissal of Bharathi Kannan, Arumugam, and Ayyadurai from Dr.Ambedkar Law College for their criminal records. There are many criminal cases against them. 

9.      Register case against Bharathi kannan, Arumugam, and ayyadurai under the SC/ST (Preventions of atrocities) Act, 1989 under section 3(1) (ii), (x) for acts with intent to cause injury and insult upon dalit students, and intentionally intimidate dalit students. The three students have already been registered previously under the SC/ST (Preventions of atrocities) Act, 1989

10.  Provide protection to all 27 dalit students if they avail conditional or unconditional bail. It is speculated that the caste based organizations are planning to attack dalit students if the later is released from prison.

11.  Bharathi Kannan, Arumugam and Ayyadurai to be arrested under IPC section 307 as they had the motive and intention for killing. They attacked Chithiraiselvan and others with the intention of killing them with a dagger that is shown in all media. Chithiraiselvan in this attack lost one of his ears, and now under treatment in Royapettah General Hospital.

12.  Arrest Bharathi Kannan, Arumugam and Ayyadurai under IPC section 150 in hiring of persons to join unlawful assembly for attacking dalit students

13.  Action against MMP students for damaging college properties while attacking dalit students.

14.  Actions against MMP students for abusing national leader Dr.Ambedkar, and in continuation ban the MMP. Such a derogatory act of MMP students on our father of Indian Constitution is not only obnoxious but also punishable.


15.  Prevent caste hindu leaders in sponsoring for perpetuating violence against dalits

16.  While visiting Puzhal prison and Saidapet sub jail, the dalit students requested for release, and appear in exams. Special arrangements should be made by Dr.Ambedkar Law College for dalit students, and others who were prevented to appear for the examination. During such process, enough protection should be given to all students, irrespective of their castes, by college authorities and police while appearing exams, and also in hostel premises.





1.      Tamizhinian, Advocate Chennai High Court

2.      Umanathan, Sakya Foundation

3.      Veeramani, Research Scholar, JNU

4.      Gauthama Prabhu, Social activist

40 Responses to “Caste violence in Dr.Ambedkar Law College, Chennai – A Report”

  1. the situation created by the dalit students ….is like disturbing a honey bee’s nest

  2. 2 Gauthama Prabhu

    Dear Mr.Somu,
    The report mentions very clearly that who created the situation. Well, there is no harm in disturbing a honey bee’s nest when it is found inside our house.

  3. 3 Akarshan

    This incident surely needs to be condemned. The reason behind the submission of details herein is to bring out the facts behind the incidents of violence at a law college that we all believe is to produce future judges and socially
    conscious lawyer.
    The purpose is to muster quick support to the Dalitstudents involved because they are just feeling helpless. If any of you wish to come forward, you may contact the below mentioned person
    Gautam Prabhu –

  4. 4 Anabazagan

    As an alumni of Dr Ambedkar Law college in chennai I can emphatically say that the Dalit students in the college are neither discriminated or oppressed. The Dalit student union is quite agressive and they are very vocal. This is a baseless article justifying violence.

  5. 5 Sainath

    What the article contains is neither true or justifiable. After seeing the video after seeing how the two so called “caste hindu” students were brutally assaulted I wonder why an article like this justifying the assault has come up.
    Even if the “caste Hindu” students were doing injustice, is this the way to react? Then what is the difference between the two parties. This was definitely an attempt to murder case and I believe that the students involved should be punished much more severely. And if you want to bring in politics the police were on the dalit students side when the incidents happened. Clearly from the video, we see that although the police were equipped to handle the situation they didn’t react. This clearly proves that every thing was preplanned and executed.
    The demands posted here seems baseless and

  6. 6 Akram

    Brothers, Ambedkar was a closet hindu terrorist, you don’t know. He wanted all peaceful Muslim indians to leave India and go to Pakistan. Hope you see some sense and detach yourself from these saffron fundamentalists like ambedkar . They are slowly uniting against us and will oppress you more like they are oppressing us. Islam defeated india when it was buddhist, we were the rulers of india for 700 years, hope you see my point.

    • 7 kutti

      Hello akram,

      you don’t know who are terrorist ? all the muslims are living in india, because of they supported by dalits. ok. first you can understand that one. if no dalit in india, the caste hindus , they will throw all muslims to pakistan.

      BEWARE OF INTERNET HINDUS ! It might be a farce…

    • 8 Amit

      Akram as i can understand your words, you guys saw this world as terrorist , but its inside you, you speak about terrorism only, about which you all of same kind dont have any idea, I dint see you but i can see as a terrorist.

    • 9 Hanu

      akram your argument is totally wrong and baseless i dont know whether you are a real muslim or what

    • Dear Friends,

      Atrocitynews Tech team has traced back the identity of “AKRAM”, a fake id.

      He has email: | Writer IP Add: | Staying in India State/Region: Delhi City:New Delhi Latitude: 28.6, Longitude:77.2. Also seems that he/she may not be Muslim.

  7. 11 Janani

    Education and the system to bring students of all the castes together under the same roof was a progressive step towards the abolishment of caste system.The arguements and comments above is so clear that none of you want the castes to be abolished,the students involved in these activities are hardly 20 yrs old,yet they seem to have bathed in violence.The best option is to dismiss every student involved in this issue and restore order inside the college. Please stop thinking in regard with caste and see them as students for once,imagine the plight of students who are neither interested nor involved in such caste activities… Most students are there to study not to shine in politics,especially caste based politics.

  8. 12 Sharma

    Whoever they are …….Its totally inhuman act. I beleive in Humanity so everyone who see like this should discourage their inhuman act.
    They should help to stand togather to stop these kind of evel actions that destry the peace on earth on the name of religion or cast.
    Thanks and hope for peacefull earth.

  9. 13 Dleep

    I know many muslim firedns and the majority are helping india for the peace except very very few . And those are the only ones whom family or they were suffered by indians.
    So I think no religion teaches to do any inhuman action like shown in the college.
    We should help each other to bring peace on earth.
    Thanks and hope for better peaceful earth.

  10. Dear Akram ,I donot know whether you are hindu or muslim,if you are muslim then come and discuss the issue related to Dr Ambedkar and muslims,we respect the muslims because muslim league withdrew their candidates from bengal and Dr Ambedkar had elected with the help of if you are hindu and pretending to muslims then we donot give any cow shits to hindus and their congenital abnomal gods and godeses and their hindu led government.if you are muslim then come and discuss muslims and dr ambedkar in DALITVOICE.ORG,WHERE YOU WILL GET YOUR ANSWERS.LONG LIVE DR AMBEDKAR ,JINNHA SHAB AND AURENJEB.

  11. 15 Jackson prabu

    Nobody likes when dalits comeup.It is true.
    Dalits have no friends.Everybody hates them for no reason.Why???

    The others want someone underthem for them to trod upon.So when dalits come up they get irritated.


  12. 16 Rajendra

    irrespective of waht happened , why is it that some people are arrested and some are free to roam ?
    if these people enjoy political support and if that is the reason they are free, then it is the saddest thing one can think of.
    governments should be in place to get us rid of this socil stigma and caste based practices.

    jai bhim jai bharat .

  13. 17 preetam

    really,rediculas….a vague article.i think they can protest it in a different way.

  14. 18 Tony Jose

    Why law college has two classification as Dalit and Hindus. This is how future judges of demcratic country is developed. If you say your country is important for you as a law student, i will say you are betraying your consciousness, its your caste. Its not your country or your profession. Its your caste you are standing for. Its for your colour, its you religion. Shame on you, Ambedkar Students.

  15. 19 Nishanth

    shame on all those people who still discriminate on the basis of caste n S***. i am very sorry ro say this. with all these things we want india to see as a developed country …. hell yeah … in your dreams man.

  16. 20 Paramesh

    I was reading thru this article and noticed what people had posted and am particularly disturbed by this guy Akram. Dear Akram, pls open your eyes widely and see who the real terroists are in this world today. I have alot of Muslim friends and a true Muslim is one who loves peace. Well in that case, I think that you do not fit the bill. And pls do not talk about Buddhism, Hinduism, Christainity, Judaism, etc. These are religions which have been around for many years even before Islam and I think you are not fit to comment about these issues for you are even unclear about your own religion. Go and read the Quran and learn it carefully before you attempt to even talk about it or any other religion. And if I ever see a dumb post from u again, you can be sure that I would make a conclusion based on evidence alone that you are DUMB and a clear-cut IMBECILE (Look up the dictionary for the meaning if you do not know what I am talking about!)

  17. 21 Neeharika

    hey u bloody AKRAM how dare u call the GOD AND SAVIOUR OF DALITS, the FATHER OF THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR all nonsense..! god punish u for what u wrote!! (to all those reading this,please read what Akram wrote above.)

    the whole world knows that the terrorists are muslims!

    when we hindus can respect islam, why can’t u respect hinduism,buddhism etc ??



    • 22 sai

      wow! i thought the clash was between dalits and caste hindus……now it has taken a new form…between hindus and muslims.
      bt what akram said ws total rubbish…..better know to respect humans be it hindu or muslim or watever crap……

  18. 23 Vijay prabhu

    Everything is happened because of dalit peoples.Whereve you go ,they will not following law and order and acting always illegal manner ,issuing the bad comments about girls.

    After they did everything simply they have replied…opposite communities spoke about them community and always blame upper caste.

    the outside lawyers and other officers are also supporting tho them even they did mistake.

    Govt should remove the reservation system and consider everyone is equal.They are using reservation without any efforts.But finally themselves thinking they are intelligent.The fact is tats not true…..

    • 24 kaviya

      How can u say these stupid words without any evidance.First u should know”u r humanbeing and they r also then humanbeing.”there is no differents between u people.ur words shows that u r juless on talit.pls leave them .they lot of talent they ,should comeout to answer the shamless people like u.pls be broaded minded.

  19. 25 krescent

    India would be far better off with just Hindus living in it. They dont call it Hindustan for nothing. It translates as land of Hindus. But still students fighting over something as petty as caste seems stupid. When will people learn that it doesn’t matter where a man is born but what matters is what he grows up to be.

  20. 26 Dr.Ambedkar...

    dear Akram

    by your seven avathar, definitely you will born in dalit then you may feel the real….

    kindly don hurt our “BOOMI MATHA”

    you people should live in the world and see the peaceful law college students soon………….

    • 27 kavi

      Hellow Ambedkkar,

      i agree with ur words,

  21. 28 muthuraj123

    dalit students will always be union and behave in vilolence manner and they will dominate city they only do all ragging they will behave in cheaply they are useless fellows they will; attack hindu caste people even the government will spport the dailt people for their illegal activites

    • 29 Gokulakrishnan

      @muthuraj .. ur daily against huh..

  22. 30 suresh

    dalit students are illegal they came to college not to study only to create violence in colleges hindu people will not behave in such a way dalit people will alway involved criminal case no one will dalit people are good people in this way they will prove that they are dalit people

  23. 31 Sivaprakash

    Serious some people here are so bias. Please don’t get me wrong. That is what I feel. Caste system was created thousand years ago and the reason is to administer the Kingdom/ Empire. There are 3 types of caste and they are Ksyatrias, Vaishas and the Sudhras and all of them have their own profession. Those days they don’t have such caste clashes unlike these days where people are behaving like animals and predators. I’m from Malaysia by the way and we have some caste organizations here but we don’t behave so violently like what happened in the Law College. You people talking so much about caste and proudly say you are from Thevar , Gounder, Chettiar etc and discriminate the Dalits…then GOD comes from which caste ? So surprising that college students are behaving like cannibals and butches instead of being united. I am from the Thevar clan but I don’t behave in that manner cause a true Ksyatria only protects the weaker person…..

    In the first place…please try to be a human for once then at least you will know the difference between animal and human. Reading this along gives me a feeling that animals are hundred times better off than humans.

  24. 32 Sivaprakash

    Dear Akram,

    “If one have saved a person, that is though he save all mankind ; If one slains a perosn, that is though he slains entire mankind ”

    This qoute is taken from your Quran and I feel you should read it and you will know how beautiful Islam is and how dirty you are. In future, please don’t bring in religion and relate it to human’s bad deed. I read your comment and I feel you need attention due to maturity level. Please grow up and come out from the box . Really sorry for possing this second comment stressing on you but its for your own good. If I was talking to you face to face, it would be a different story and I might regret for my actions….GET THAT !

  25. 33 sathishkumar

    Nira Radia

  26. 34 sathishkumar

    iam maravar. everyone knows that thevar community is the most powerful caste of tamilnadu. our power is very high. there are many respectable caste like thevar,vellalar,koundar,yadhavar, udayar etc. are in tamilnadu. then y do we need this palan,parayan, dalits. there job is to obey us .

  27. 35 boopathi tamilan

    problem of thevars(maravars) and gounders(kongu vellala gounders) they cant get any jobs from government.Every offers have gone to dalits.That’s why they taking revenge against them.If dalits want to come equal to thevars and gounders why cant they let thier government offers to all caste peoples??…. So high caste peoples never stop their revenge.

  28. 36 Ranjith

    Oh….I Shocked and I couldn’t breathe…..Is this Humans OR Tamil Tigers…they also did same LIKE THIS in Sri Lanka

    No wonder …Tamil Tigers have well trained them …unfortunately Tamilnadu so called politicians talk about Sri Lanka requesting Action about Brutal Murders of TAMIL TIGERS …now they should open they eyes and LOOK WHERE THEY STAND… IS THESE HUMANS…TAMIL TIGERS ALSO DID SAME LIKE THIS DURING LAST THIRTY YEARS [BEFORE 2009 MAY] if we found any video of TAMIL TIGERS… NO WONDER ….same like this and they have well trained CHENNAI Lawyers and MURDERERS…

    I NEED TO POINT OUT WHAT Chennai people say about this


    This is a scene from a recent incident took place in Chennai Law College.
    I asked a Tamil friend of mine, who works here as a process engineer, who is also from Chennai, to tell me what the hell this is all about.
    Then he told me this is always happening in South Indian Law colleges mainly due to CASTE issues.

    This incident had taken place in front of Chennai High Court and next to Bar Association head office.

    Where is Karunanidhi,..

    Jayalalitha and VIKO …AND THEIR FRIND HILARY CLINTON because they don’t get money when THEY open their mouth against this type of things
    So these are the people who protest against Sri Lankan Government, about so-called inhuman acts – stupid idiots.

    Sri Lanka is much, much more civilized than this. Please make your colleagues aware of what’s happening in other parts of world, since everybody is pointing finger towards our mother land Sri Lanka.


    Damn Shame!!! KARUNANIDHI

    Shame!!! Shame!!! JAYALALITHA

    Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame!!! VIKO


  29. 37 amstrong

    mister sathiskumar.i am athidhiravian u r birbaduthabattor and am barayan r u maravar? r kallar? why should we obey ur words is there any law? we r the gods children in the world.

  30. 38 amstrong

    mister sathiskumar…if u have rights to tell that ur community has power in tamilnadu that same rights i have that my community have the power more thean urs not onely in tamilnadu its al over india…so this is the time u haveTHHH to obey BALLAN BARAYAN

  31. Terrific article! That is the type of info that are supposed
    to be shared across the web. Shame on Google
    for no longer positioning this put up higher! Come on over and talk over with my website .
    Thank you =)

  32. 40 Gokulakrishnan

    This is kind of war is purely business for politician .If it goes like this civil war may come like Rwanda Genocide.Please politicians keep peace ,then only the world view of india is good place to do trading etc to improve our life style .

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