Another Priyanka lost; murder with eve


If a resourceless  resists, she will be  humiliated in public , if she happens to be dalit she ought to be  brutally raped and be killed in daytime.  The  justice is well side tracked with so many managed efforts.  Abberations in procedural law helps culprit instead. During  trials, intimidatiion or luring  witnesses is an order of the day. Police, judiciary and  administration religiously dump cases after cases in non accessible files.  District of Gondia in state of Maharashtra witnessed a killing recently , goes same way –

Powerlessness and low social status takes toll is obvious as said , this time it was a case of a SSC Dalit student in Gondia. A Kill that registers  1st Gender-Caste rule obvious : “Dalit women in rural places are  percieved as sheer object of lust and control who must surrender to the high caste male advances “.


On 28th October 08 ,9:30 AM,  school girls  Sapna Dhanraj Rahate, Pooja Nilkanth Mendhe and Meenakshi Surybhan Shende resident of village Vadegaon , Post Mahagaon, Tah.Arjuni, District Gondia were going to school on their bycycles. Having seen from ½ km long, Ravindra Heeraman Shende(Higher caste fella) followed the girls on his tractor. He stopped Sapna on whom he had long time crush because of her dignified outlook even if coming from lower caste. He got hold of her with hand and started physically empowering her. She yelled for help. When  her two friends (includes Minaxshi)  turned around they saw accused  holding Sapna’s hand and trying to molest her. The victim at this juncture , escaped from the clutches , got on her bicycle and drove away as fast as she can. Accused chased her with his tractor from behind. But with a dash from tractor, Sapna fallen down, tracter did not stop. Sapna died on  the spot as fore-wheels of the tractor passed across her head. Other two girls remained silent witness to this murder. The reason they could not find out which were indirectly visible in superiority out of caste and gender.

Earlier, on  20th October  accused warned  Sapna, if she doesnt behave according to his whims and fancies, she would not escape easily and he cant do anything stopped due to his power and claut. Shockingly, according to victim’s father,  Sapna was appearantly molested earlier by the accused.

The police had arrested the accused u/s 302, 279, 354 of I.P.C., section 3(1)(x) , 3(1)(xi) of Prevention of Atrocity Act and sections 184, 134, 177 of Motor Vehicles act . Surprisingly, Sessions court released accused on bail. Mr. Palve, the investigation officer,  confirmed because ambiguity in F.I.R. court granted the bail . He further added that court did not found it worth to call investigation officer or police station.

Blood that clots on Indian Road, Thanks to Gender & Caste Virus

Pic 01: Blood that clots on Indian Road, Dream (Sapana ) has no value here ! Thanks to Gender & Caste Virus


IT  is also learnt from Atrocitynews sources that the accused’ bail application was neither opposed nor pleaded out as none of the counsol from the police was there to argue. The further investigation is going on under the direction of Dy.S.P. Mr. Palve. The fate of justice is in quandrum thas for sure..

5 Responses to “Another Priyanka lost; murder with eve”

  1. 1 Ramesh

    Stupid. What has this incident got to do with dalit ‘atrocity’?. It appears to be senseless act of criminality. These kinds of road rage crimes are routine in Delhi, Mumbai etc. Is there no limit to this kind of lying? ‘Atrocity’ term kya invent kar diya, to kya hur ek crime ‘atrocity’ hai kya? First understand the dictionary meaning of the term ‘atrocity’ and then use it.

  2. Ramesh ,you are a hindu who are worshipping voilent god s and godeses.time has come give two fingers to hindus and gods and godeses.hindus are born barbaric like their voilent gods and godeses.

  3. 3 BKN

    Who says the accused “Shende” is High caste, he is Dalit Mahar of the same community as the victim

  4. 4 Guest

    What does this have to do with Hinduism, Kureela? The article speaks of CASTE SYSTEM, not Hinduism.

    I feel sorry for the girl’s family, and her friends. Its terrible to hear that a girl was murders, in front of 2 young girls, and the police decided to give that asshole a bail. He should automatically get a life sentence! The country should change its laws, they are barbaric and unjust! Why would they allow a young girl to be kill just because she didn’t want to be raped? Why in the world would anyone defend the killer?! I mean he ran over a girls head with his TRACTOR! That’s just horrible. But not only that, her father knew she was being molested! Why wouldn’t he protect his daughter? What kind of bullshit father is that?! Ugh, I just hope that brave little girl get the justice she deserved. And that pedophile gets his ass aped in prison 😀

  1. 1 More religious atrocities - Indian Apartheid « voice from the pack

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