Baban Misal murder: Atrocity Some facts


The chrage-sheet on the caste-murder of a Budhhist named , Baban Misal has been filed by the local police in the session court of Ahmadnagar on 1st October 08.

Atrocitynews has already followed the case, readers may know that the victim Baban Sitaram Missal was hacked to death on 6th June 08 by caste Hindu hooligans. Baban who comes from Matang Caste ,a Schedule Caste is now dead leaving behind the family and community helpless at the hands of Police administartion.

Baban held position of President Panchayat Samiti at Jamkhed. He was also an elected to District Director’s Committee on Marketing Agricultural Produce. He was actively involved in Campaign for Human Rights(CHR), a citizens’ forum working especially for the Dalit human Rights. He had converted to Buddhism last year at Diksha Bhoomi, Nagpur. He had arranged a Dhamma Conference last year in Jamkhed & was present with his family in the Dhamma Conference of Ahmadangar. He rose to material prosperity due to his hard work within Fishermen society. He agitated for the rights of the farmers not only from his community but also from other communities. He had lead a life of leadership for the suffering (Dalit) masses. In 1991, the houses in Matang Caste ghettos were burnt by upper caste hooligans. That time the perpetrators of that crime were sentenced rigorous imprisonment of 16 months. Soon were they released.

Mutilated Body of Baban, display of Caste hatred

Pic 01 : Mutilated Body of Baban, display of Caste hatred

The rising leadership in Baban Misal eventually became unbearable for many in the area.

On the fateful day of 6th of June 08, when he was on way back to Jamkhed from Sonegaon with his friend Shayam Sathe (on pillion) after requesting the engineer of the dam to release water for the farmers’s land downhill, the car numbered MH-12 YA- 7929 dashed his motorbike from behind. A scuffle ensued between them. WIth axe , daggers & sickles they assaulted both, in a brutal attack the hooligans entirely defaced Baban by crushing the face due. Baban died on the spot.

Even now one can see in the photograph, his hands, legs cut into pieces thats thrown in different directions. The accused ran away from the place. Due to hue and cry from people, all the accused are now behind bars. Their names are –

Accused no.1- Kailash Jadhav (38)

Accused no.2-Shahaji Bolbhat (30)

Accused no.3-Tatyaram Jadhav (26)

Accused no.4-Harish Birangal (27)

Accused no.5-Arun Bolbhat (39)

Accused no.6-Rajesh Walke (22)

All are residents of Sonegaon village.

The F.I.R no . 76/08 had been registered . The charge sheet of the case numbered as F.R. 116 has been filed on 1st Octomber. The charges on the accused are Section 302, 143,147,148,149, 120-B , 323,504,506 of I.P.C.,

Sections 3(1)(x),3(2)(v) from Prevention of Atrocity Act , 1989, Section 7(1)(d) of Prtection of Civil Rights and Section 4/25 of Arms Act.

Following articles are recovered on the spot of incidence

  1. One sword
  2. Two daggers
  3. One cycle chain
  4. Blood stained cloths of the accused.

All the recovered material has been already send for Chemical Analysis and D.N.A.analysis. The reports are still awaited. In all 42 articles have been sent to C.A.

There is a strong material evidence of the tuff of hair of the accused found in the hands of dead body of Baban.

The prime witnesses are three , Shyam Sathe being the eye witness.

Investigation officer Deputy Superintendent of Police S.S.Jadhav is in-charge of investigation .

Seeing the facts of the chrgesheet, the material and other evidence seems strong enough to convict the accused provided the police acts sincerely and without any political pressure.

Lets see how Police investigates the case and how Court puts it to trial !

3 Responses to “Baban Misal murder: Atrocity Some facts”

  1. 1 KUREELA

    India is a country of cow shitws people where their is no use of DNA profile of accused.atrocity media should organise the donation to punish the accused in same way what they did for Baban Mishal.we have to tear their bharat mata fist then these barbaric hindus.dalits have to learn the lesson from Jinnah shab and give two finger to hindus and their hindu led government.

  2. 2 Ghalsad

    Shyam Sathe- eye witness who has put in his life in danger to go against the accused is also a Hindu.
    Its obvious that guilty have to be punished and I dont believe a capital punishment is enough. The guilty should be punished as per the level of the crime they did.
    About Baban Misal, He lived a hindu life for a long time. because he was converted to Buddhism last year at Diksha Bhoomi, if you want to make this case as Hindu against Buddhism , then you probably havent lived in our place in Nagar ever and you dont understand the realities. I agree this is barbaric crime by (a particular upppercast) the accused , and they should be punished. But remember the eye witness (also from so called upper caste), and even the victim was a hindu for long time. – The further comment is for atrocity news editor- if the term called uppercast is used generally (even when you know that not all uppercasts are involved in such crime), then this movement wont get support from them which is essential to remove casteism from india. Lot of supports of removing casteim are also from so called uppercast. The mode of communication used in atrocity news makes them feel like removing this support, and think -why worry and care for Dalits when the news published by them sterotypes the supporter’s cast as if they are involved in this barbaric event.

  3. Dalits are born buddhist,they donot know that they are buddhist.we will throw your adishankra charya from india when we bring all dalits into buddhist fold.Baban mishal was never a hindus ,he was Ambedkarite,time has come dalits should learn the lesson fron muslims how to punish barbaric hindus in India,long live Dr Ambedkar ,Jinnha sahab and Aurang jeb.

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