In the memory of Lieutenant


Today, Atrocitynews team awarded a Scholarship in the memory of late Nitin Dongre to a girl-student from Valmiki community (Scavenger Caste). Moreover, on this occasion 15 other top performing students from this community were encouraged with different prizes.

Pic 01 Bagyashri accepting Nitin Dongre Schorlaship from Krishnakumari Choudhary, Addnl Sec GOI

Pic 01 Bagyashri accepting Nitin Dongre Scholarship from Krishnakumari Choudhary, Addnl Secretary GOI

Bhagyashri Chindale coming from rural place in Vidharbha secured 97% and topped the chart among BC community. Owing to family budget of 2000 Rs/month ( 40USD/month), she could have found it difficult to pursue the carrier ahead., had not the timely financial help thru scholarship she got. This will not only make her dream come true but it will also encourage other girls from suffering communities to do confidently in their lives.
Pic o2: Late Nitin Dongre

We thank the aware citizenry who contributed in every way towards LATE NITIN DONGRE SCHOLARSHIP , right from identifying the right candidates to the fund raising task. Now there will not be another Priyanka who faces wrath of the situation due to caste virus and corrupt mind sets. Vigilant Indians are ready to help and protect the merit of life, is a hope for many in a derailed democracy.

Thanks to the inspiration derived from Late Nitin Dongre for the cause. Brother Nitin was indeed a hero of generation. Still, his fragrant qualities cross miles and eons! More about him>>

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