Surewada : Urine Sprinklers acquitted


In yet another shocking instance accused in Suryawada Atrocity Case were acquitted, which has now become a rule rather than exception in India when the convictions had sunk below 1% . Principal and sessions Judge Hon. S.S.Buradkar in Bhandara , acquitted the two accused named

No.1 , Sharad Kaitade

No. 2 , Mrs. Madhave Raut

from the charges as under S.3(1)(ii) , S.3(1)(x) and 3(2)(vii) of Prevention of Atrocity Act , 1989 on 15th July , 2008 .

The short story of case has already been detailed in earlier posts goes like this.

On 3rd April , 2007 , the Headmistress of the Pre-Middle School, Mrs Tembhurkar ,a Buddhist, residing in Bhandara got herself transferred due to mental harassment from village Panchayat and Centre Head of the Block , Mr.Katekhaye.

On the same day, the charge was taken over by accused no.1 , Sharad Kaitade.

On 4th April , when the dalit students of standard 7th who were asked to sit in a separate row while taking examination , the accused no. 1 colluded and accused no.2 i.e Mrs. Madhavi Raut sprinkled cow’s urine on the person of the students. Not only this, the chair on which the former Head Mistress Mrs. Tembhurkar was sitting was sprinkled Cow’s urine .

After the school closed for the day, the students and the guardians went to the school, enquired the incident. Teachers then admitted that the incident did take place and they tendered apology. The guardians of the students and the village people made a demand to take suitable action against the erring teachers .

A fax of the matter was send to the Inspector of Police Station , Bhandara. The said letter was then handed over to P.S.I . Mansingh Chauhan , who had enquired into the said matter and reported prima facie there evidence against the teachers under the S.7(1)(d) of Protection of Civil Rights Act.

P.S.I. Chauhan then registered the offence against the accused persons . However the offence under Atrocity Act was added due to demand made by the Local Dalit organisations. The investigation of the matter was conducted by Shri Sangram Singh Nishnadar, Sub-divisional Police Officer. He seized the pages of the answer books of the students and then referred to the Chemical Analysis. Caste Certificate of the students were obtained from the Sub-divisional Officer , Bhandara . C.A. report, reveals that the liquid in small bottles labeled ‘B’ is cow urine . However, the opinion as to the presence of cow urine on the answer papers of Geography of Standard 7th resulted inconclusive. After the completion of the investigation, the charge sheet came to be filed against the accused persons for their trial according to law.

The learned Hon.Judge S.S.Buradkar acquitted the accused giving following reasons –

1)The incident happened on 4th April and the fax by the complainant was send on 15th or 16th April which was treated as F.I.R. The reasons for delay in filing F.I.R . was not satisfactorily submitted by the prosecution which gives rise to suspicion of improvement and embellishment.

2) The F.I.R. was not registered with the local police station.

3) The F.I.R does not disclose the caste of the accused as well as that of the complainant.

4) The witness has admitted in the cross-examination that cows and buffaloes used to be tied around her school . The cattle used to ease and urinate in the said land. There used to be odor of urine in the said premises. When the atmosphere is polluted , there is the possibility that the same matter can be smelt by the witnesses.

5) So far as the testimony of Sonali and Naina is concerned, they are child witnesses. They have acted as experts. They improved their version to suit the circumstances of the case. Therefore , the testimony of these witnesses can not be accepted as gospel truth.

6) In Chemical Analysis Report, the liquid in the bottle was proved to be of Cow’s urine but the blisters on the answer sheet of the students were not proved to be due to Cow’s urine.

Summing up the Judgment Order, the Hon.Judge said , “ The prosecution has failed to establish that the liquid which was allegedly sprinkled on the person of the students and their articles was cow urine. The prosecution has also failed to establish the F.I.R. discloses the offence under Atrocities Act and therefore, the further investigation and the trial thereon is not warranted . There is inordinate delay in lodging of F.I.R. All the facts give rise to the unnatural story put by the prosecution. The benefit of all these facts shall go in favor of the defense. Thus, all of these facts shall go in favor of the defense . Thus the accused persons are entitled to be acquitted of both charges .”


Who lies children or teacher?

Or Caste impregnated Systems?

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  1. 1 KUREELA


  2. Embrace atheistic secularism and kill hinduism to save the self-respect of dalits.

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