Progressive thought, nice comment!


Jeery, a vigilant reader, has plucked the chords with those beautiful lines. He comments …

“Khairlanji and Barabanki Verdicts may be partially in line with law but I do not agree with punishment to the accused as they are not the real culprits. It is the castism and hatred towards so called lower castes by the so called higher castes which is the root cause in this case, or else the villagers did not have any reason to be jealous of Bhotmages progress. Castism is rigid chronological inequality defined from ages through sacred texts starting from Brahmin to Bhangi. Shudras present day OBC starting from Kayastha & Sonar to Kunbhi, are divided in more than 6000 sub castes. Then there are Avarnas starting from cobbler to nomads , today’s SC/ST.When there is so much division in society, it is good to identify brotherhood by scientific evidence and get hold of real culprit. Dr. Michael Bamshad’s famous DNA test has proved that todays OBC’s , SC/ST’s & Converts are of same DNA, and the DNA of DWIJAS is matching to EUROASIANS (IRANIANS) . So, todays OBC is fighting for enemy against his own brother and killing them.The solution is to educate the OBC’s about this and 100% atrocity will vanish as DWIJAS never come on street and commit crime and will loose hands of OBC’s who execute their plans.”

Thanks Jerry..

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5 Responses to “Progressive thought, nice comment!”

  1. 1 Armugam

    I find this post Racist than beautiful. Even Dr. Ambedkar completely dismissed the idea that the Dalits and OBCs are a disticnt race as compared to Dwijas. There are several loopholes in this racist theory. There are many SC/OBC who are of eurasian origin (ex: gujjars). Racial purity is a myth of Manuwadis and this post is stating the same theory in inverse. The people who popularised this theory are the Adi-Dharmi followers of Ravidas and the dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu. It has no scientific basis as there has been sufficient intermingling of races in India.
    If you are trying to shift the blame from the members of the Kunbi OBC community who murdered and raped the dalit Bhootmange family to a broader caste spectrum then it is another matter. But that would be distorting facts and the truth.

  2. 2 Armugam

    Considering the above so called progressive post. The OBC kunbis who commited the crimes on the Bhootmange family should not be punished and hanged but they should rather be educated that the crimes they commited are at the bidding of Dwijas. How are you legally going to establish that the Dwijas indoctrinated the Kunbi OBCs to commit this crime. Do you have concrete evidence. The case will fall completely flat on its face. The Bhootmanges will not get justice and become pawns in the machinations of these baseless political ideologies. These so called progressive thoughts only reinforce inhuman behaviour.

  3. I defnitely agree with your thoughts. But the best way of educating this manuwadis and their followers is through rigourous punishment.
    Laatho ke bhoot batoan se nahi maante.

    Punishment and education both together would help.

  4. 4 kureela

    It is cow shits to say OBC and dalits are same ,even PIG DNA matches the 95% of human being so it means human being are PIGS ,i would say no.What the reason behind the dalits killing from barabanki to nagpur .it is hindus and their belief in hindu religion is the main clprit of dalits killing in stop dalits killing ,you have annhilate the hinduism from the earth which give you graded enequalities in India.Dalits have to arm them self and punish the culprit and their Clan so hard that their genration should not even dream the dalits killing in India.dalits are from mangloid race and we must remember the Changej khan who used to punish the Aryan so hard even their 10th genration were shivered even the name of chngej is very difficult to stay in india as Buddhist and Dalits.time has come dalits have to arm them self to punish the hindus and hindu led government in India.


    OBCs and SCs are not different if you look at their origins and status in the society. Fortunately, Dr. Ambedkar belongs to the Scheduled Caste community which is rising as the most powerful community among all the societies in India.

    We all Scheduled Castes (all sub castes) should come together and fight against the inequality in the society.

    JAI BHIM….!

    sandip borade

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