Barabanki: 4 sentenced death in UP Caste Atrocity


There is one more welcome news from U.P. which will enforce confidence in judicial process and in future of democracy in India.

Fifteen years after a dalit was murdered in Gourpur village of Barabanki for daring to speak up against his daughter’s tormentors, four persons were sentenced to death and 11 given life imprisonment by upper district and sessions judge Anoop Kumar Goyal.

Those awarded capital punishment are Sagar, Nanku, Harinath and Ashok. All of them are kurmis. According to the prosecution, Sagar and his friends killed one Chhedu, a chamar, because he had dared to question them for attempting to molest his daughter.

Angered that a chamar had shown the temerity to criticize them, Sagar, his two sons Ashok and Nanku, and brother Harinath, found Chhedu alone in a field and chased him.

A desperate Chhedu climbed up a tree. According to the prosecution, the four men then cut down the tree. “Chhedu was beaten up with lathis and then hacked to death,” the prosecutor said.

Earlier, there was an unsubstantiated charge against Chhedu of killing one of Sagar’s friends, Chhauguniya, as well. However, since no FIR was lodged against Chhedu, he walked free.

This, too, angered Sagar and his friends who then plotted a grisly revenge — which has now culminated in their receiving the death sentence.

Source: TOI

One Response to “Barabanki: 4 sentenced death in UP Caste Atrocity”

  1. 1 jerry

    Khairlanji and Barabanki Verdicts may be partially in line with law but I do not agree with punishment to the accused as they are not the real culprits. It is the castism and hatred towards so called lower castes by the so called higher castes which is the root cause in this case, or else the villagers did not have any reason to be jealous of Bhotmages progress. Castism is rigid chronological inequality defined from ages through sacred texts starting from Brahmin to Bhangi. Shudras present day OBC starting from Kayastha & Sonar to Kunbhi, are divided in more than 6000 sub castes. Then there are Avarnas starting from cobbler to nomads , today’s SC/ST.

    When there is so much division in society, it is good to identify brotherhood by scientific evidence and get hold of real culprit. Dr. Michael Bamshad’s famous DNA test has proved that todays OBC’s , SC/ST’s & Converts are of same DNA, and the DNA of DWIJAS is matching to EUROASIANS (IRANIANS) . So, todays OBC is fighting for enemy against his own brother and killing them.

    The solution is to educate the OBC’s about this and 100% atrocity will vanish as DWIJAS never come on street and commit crime and will loose hands of OBC’s who execute their plans.

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