Khairlanji: Judge breaking code, gone awry


The audience in Session’s Court at Bhandara on 22 Sept 08 was briefed on the ‘public pressure’ that Hon. Judge Das feels from activist groups in shaping the justice in favor. Yesterday the Judge, without observing JUDICIAL SERVICE CODE, spelled out his negative feelings in the public view. This is result of desperation out of large information impact and letters from Social Justice Ministry. Also it was sort of outcome of prejudice against  peoples activism if not the Caste Mind-set while dealing with the Khairlanji issue. Such a craziness could be a very unhealthy feature for a Judiciary in 21st century. Fathers of modern India would have never bestowed so much of power in strong pillars of democracy, had they contemplated free rides by people sitting in positions. Today, instead of taking up responsibilities, they are muddling in castigating people.

Hon. Judge Das adorned in himself a self-proclaimed Educator on the philosophies of Buddha and Dr Ambedkar without understanding inch of their struggle against ill blasphemies. He said that Dr Ambedkar did not feel need to come on streets to demand justice. What little, one knows about Dr Ambedkar is a sheer convenient aperture look. One must see in Dr Ambedkar, a fighting spirit for social justice when he publicly touched water from Mahad lake. Buddha was walking many miles to understand the problems of the people. How many such active involvement with suffering community today we see from self-proclaimed educators? Need is to understand nerves of masses and to sense their sense for rights when they come on streets, otherwise a French revolution is bound.

But we see unwarranted comments from the same quarters those are respected by commoners, in return same quarters show least respect for people activism,moreover, at times fail to perform their duties as per service rules. Is this not a contempt of democracy?

There is little doubt that the democratic mindsets among 250 million Dalits do not resort to violence easily unless provoked, the simple case is – though not all of them well-versed in law, even after the brutal murder of Dalit family in day time in castiest colors, continue to keep high hope in legal process, to which the self-proclaimers remain oblivious. The most suffering class respects institutions the most is a truth that democracy is prevailing in India even after 60 years of independence. However the quality of democracy is doubtful in the hands of few, who are sitting in these Institutions.

Pic 01 Who educates whom?

Educating on Buddha & Dr Ambedkar is ok

pic01: Judge : Farce of education

Pic 02: Hon Judge Das in picture: Manu replaces the democratic ideals  

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