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Below is a clipping sent by our Bhandara correspondent that shows a lady in her mid 50s who could not withstand court rulingĀ  and wept vociferously. One can hear her hard voice and heartfelt cry for justice to Bhotmanges and likes. ( Like Bhotmanges, many other families suffer huge hardships due to caste based violence […]

Today , it was expected that the court will pronounce its final judgement. But it was the day of arguments regarding the punishment to be given to the remaining 8 accused. The people were rushing to the court from all the places even though there was announcement by the District Collector of section 144 to […]

We have to keep in mind why the caste based violence is spreading its tentacles with more dalits getting educated. State and judiciary have to answer now, unlike earlier days. The easy pressure is realised by administration.See how police mishandling dalit activists in the following shot. Despite huge torture and spiral of poverty , now, […]

Khairlanji Police Terror more about "Khairlanji Justice ", posted with vodpod