Khairlanji : Today Police terror


Seeing the picture below, gives us an idea how much of police force wasted their man-hours today at a fair place where  justice is a public guarantee ..

Additional features of Police Terror are-

Paralysing Democracy 001>> IPC 144, JAMAVBANDI in Bhandara ,today and tomorrow, wherein it means group of four or more if walk down the street, would be liable for prosecution.
Paralysing Democracy 002>> Cable TV to remain off during the proceedings as per Police order.
Paralysing Democracy 003>> The print and electronic media to screen the content, first to Police.
Paralysing Democracy 004>> NO permission to enter court premises for a common man, only at the whims and fancies of Judge and Police Administration entry possible.
Paralysing Democracy 005>> Possible contempt of court on Media persons by the Court of Hon Judge Das.

Police terror

Pic 01 : Police terror

Strange is the stupidity as ZERO blank security offered to people in the areas where Atrocities are committed in day light !

Reserve Police force asked for

Pic 02: Special Reserve Police force called in

Readers what you think, please write…

One Response to “Khairlanji : Today Police terror”

  1. 1 kureela

    It is shame on hindu led government and hindu judge mr dass who bann the dalit people to get the fact of verdict.Mr dass this is 21st century and dalits will get the news whether you hindu apply the manu code for dalit in nagpur.time has come dalits have to get ready for war against the hindu led government and their police.long live Dr ambedkar and their mission.

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