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Seeing the picture below, gives us an idea how much of police force wasted their man-hours today at a fair place where  justice is a public guarantee .. Additional features of Police Terror are- Paralysing Democracy 001>> IPC 144, JAMAVBANDI in Bhandara ,today and tomorrow, wherein it means group of four or more if walk […]

Today is 20th Sept 08 , the court has sat today for the final hearing. In an unprecedented yet black event, few of the Newspaper corespondents were forced to leave the court by the Hon Justice Das with hand gestures, without any reason. This is an aweshoking incidence in any democracy. Most suffering people in India are  […]

Please read the following newspaper cutting which reflects the stand of the larger peoples movement for dignity in India. Now, how the Govt of India acts in  preventing  aberrations done by State Investigation machinery and lower court due to prejudiced element in high power positions, is to be seen… We, at Atrocitynews, request everyone from the top to […]

There are confirmed reports of Protest in Mahad, the place where Dr Ambedkar accelarated the struggle for Dignity by drinking Public water. Following is the picture taken from News paper Samrat. The protest was peaceful.     There are also reports of road blockade in Solapur. We at Atrocitynews suggest the atcivists to change the […]

Following is the picture of a reported protest March in Akluj, Maharastra, yesterday. Marches are lined up in discipline and in a unique state of peace is now an indication of new forms of agitations in democratic set-up. Pic01 People March in Akluj   Pic02 Submitting Petition