Worth Comment !


Following is a thought provoking comment from one of the Atrocitynews readers-Vibhawari. It seems she has done a good amount of community work before writing this piece. Thanks Vibhawari.


Jai bhim

I think only blaming judiciary system is not going to work, we as educated lot are also some where responsible for this mess. In spite of constituting 17% educated Dalit population, still we don’t have any legal expertise in hand. The higher caste Hindus continue to dominate ‘law and judicial’ departments and easily perform their biased role in delivering justice to the Dalits.

I am really upset with the lawyers form our community who has not taken active role at this point of time.

It is obvious that women will take the leadership as it is an inborn quality of our women, since the times of Babasaheb women participated in huge number in the struggle. Leadership in our communities is for ACTION not for POSITION; its the struggle for justice.

“Struggle and more Struggle Sacrifice and more Sacrifice.” But It is…Struggle N Struggle Alone Without Counting the Sacrifice or Suffering That’ll bring their Emancipation. — Dr B R Ambedkar

One Response to “Worth Comment !”

  1. 1 Surya

    First of all congratulations for putting up these great updates on atrocitynews.

    Yes we have “In spite of constituting 17% Dalit population, still we don’t have any legal expertise in hand. ”

    It is because we don’t have representation in judiciary and overall justice system. Unless Dalit are not equally represented in this system the chances of unbiased justice delivery is rare.

    We need to learn this equal representation for underrepresented section in judiciary, private sector, scientific services, and defense services from most developed/underdeveloped/developing countries like USA, Malaysia, South Africa, and many others.

    USA government has publicly apologized for slavery/apartheid,Similarly many countries did this eg. AUstralia. But when India is going to take up moral responsibility of apologizing for untouchability.

    Caste Criminals in Khairlanji must be punished and case must be appealed in high high court under PoAtrocities act.

    Government of Maharashtra had prepared a very good report but it should be implemented otherwise it is of no use.

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