Concerned women groups in Bhandara arranging candle March today on 17th Sept 2008 to show solidarity and support for Khairlanji justice . Similar events can be organized in different places to show support and solidarity for brothers and sisters suffering in the distant places and also to condemn silence of Government of India.

TODAY’s Invitation


We, on this occassion, condemn the atrocities committed by caste mind sets and also condemn irresponsible behavior of institutions like judiciary that fails to protect the rights of common people at the helm of ineffective Govt Machinery .

The march will start from local viharas in Bhandara and will culminate into a peaceful gathering at Ambedkar Statue square. The march begins at 6.00 pm and will sum up into a silent sitting and chantings.

All are cordially invited to participate in this.

Yours Sincerely,


Khairlanji Justice Circle

2 Responses to “Khairlanji: TODAY CANDLE MARCH”

  1. 1 Rahul

    I appreciate your efforts to give justice to Bhotmange family and expose caste atrocities throughout the country.
    Its very disappointing to see that judiciary and govt.of Maharashtra,Govt.of India have failed to protect the rights of common man.In order to protect the of rights of common man and give justice to Bhotmange family please send thousands of telegrams to the Chief Justice of India,Chief Justice of Bombay High court,Prime minister Govt of India.

  2. 2 ashok

    buddham sharanm gachami ,

    culprits should not go scot free ,if they go it exposes the rutless ness of the hindu order ,
    i call upon my dalit brothers to support the victims family .

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