Khairlanji: Today People’s March for fair Justice in Pune | Time 11.00AM


The gross aberration done in the procedural and judicial matter engaged into by the sessions court at Bhandara under the aegis of controversial Hon. Judge Das is still a debated topic.

The whole issue brings to the fore utility of Atrocities Prevention Act. Firstly the huge injustice done by Government Machinery and secondly the inappropriate methodology resorted by the Hon Judge Das has preempted fair legal action in the most in humanistic caste based realities.

This is similar to the act of turning eyes by a Mother from the crying baby. In such cases whom that baby should look for?

Due to its Inefficient nature, judiciary regarded as a guiding pillar for civil society , here, is creating baggage for momentum of India towards such civil society. The people in Pune have come forward in the protest against the lukewarm response of judiciary to such important cause. The march will start at 11.30 AM and will lead to the center of the city where the statue of Dr Ambedkar is located.

Every body in the city is expected to join this peaceful march, Atrocitynews correspondents will soon come along with some live picture of the gathering ! Stay with us.

Every other places in India , ‘friends of India’ want to make peaceful demonstrations against the lackadaisical approach of Executive and Judiciary in the Khairlanji matters. They are requested to follow a most peaceful means to agitate the minds of the people in a constructive way so as to make India clean from prejudices and corruptions and ready for taking up world leadership in 21st century.

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