Khairlanji: Bhandara on Map, Justice in mind


These are gatherings at various places uniting people against injustice on dalits in India. The youngsters are doing very hard work and involved in educating community that leads to resource mobilization work, peacefully.

The Atrocitynews correspondent has suggests from Bhandara that the peaceful message is reaching to brothers and sisters in Rural India that will inject sense of confidence and motivation for battle against caste prejudices ahead.
Activist shared facts of the case. It is general stereotype that Dalits (oppressed) resort to violent reactions now and then, which is not true. Even if the gravity of Atrocity is mind boggling, activists invite thoughtful yet civil response to the situation. Raising public conscious through scientific approach is important. For sure, nothing on the basis on anger, works.
Pic 01: Example of Dr. Abmedkar ward, Bhandara . Women, Youth, and socially conscious population gathered.
Pic 02: Shukravari Ward Mahabodhi Buddha vihar meeting with women. Also youth as well as the Senior citizens are involved . They are all the more ready to fight till last breath for the social Justice.
Pic 03: Motivating picture, Wherein women and men are contributing funds to the cause even if they are poor .( Lumbini Mahila Mandal) Handing over the amount for battle Of Justice.

Pic 04: The hand bills from youth members in circulation. Its an Invitation for Tomorrows Candle March for Justice.

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