Khairlanji: Few points, post-Justice


Though one can expect fair justice from the caste prejudiced system, the Khairlanji case result makes it clear that there is no other path than staying united and fight the caste prejudices. This means taking positions of power and influence. Babasaheb Ambedkar has become prominent person in different discussion about future of India, but his immediate followers are not learning to act and mobilise themselves to fight the caste system.

Khairlanji agitation must continue till the fair justice is achieved. This case has now become the symbol of struggle and fight against the caste system. We must make it a learning lesson, if we do not learn anything from Khairlanji and what followed afterwards, the future generations will not forgive us.

We must respond to this. We ,at atrocitynews, would like to invite the opinions of the people as to what can be the best steps to take this ahead. We have to act fast, very fast.

The case is not considered to be the case of atrocity and hence the Prevention of Atrocity Act provisions will be not be applied while pronouncing the punishment.

2. To say that the Khairlanji Killings were the outcome the land dispute is making fun of more than 1000 agitations that were launched by the followers of Babasaheb Ambedkar all over India and elsewhere

3. To completely dilute the case and dropping charges like rape and other factors is crime against the humanity

4. The Prevention of Atrocity Act is a very important safeguard for our people and hence its power should be demonstrated by bringing it into the Khairlanji case of killings based on caste

5. The severe punishment should be given to the people involved and acquittals should be done carefully. No one who is involved should be let go very easily.

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