Khairlanji : Right is not right | Time 1.30 PM


The court of Hon Judge Das has said that the cases are truly to be considered as under IPC 302 murder charges. The atrocity charges are not proved by the ineffective prosecution side said  Hon. Judge so cant be said  with 100% confidence that crime has shaped this way though it strongly  looks like.

Fallowing three are relived from the charges, which beocmes yet another astonishing and shocking decision of the session court that needs to be challanged.

Entire Khairlanji Atrocity comes to every Indian citizen recieved a Jolt when there were agitations against the crime committed by a Village mob of more than 40. Only 11 charged and out of which 3 acquitted is truly discouraging for the spirits of people fighting for egalitarian casteless and classless society.

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