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The khairlanji case is taking up new dimensions when court denied to take this up as an Caste-atrocity case. The final version of the detailed justice would be coming up on 20th of Sept. Lets see the next version of judicial mandate that makes things more punitive to balance the justice, right. Tilting Justice?

Though one can expect fair justice from the caste prejudiced system, the Khairlanji case result makes it clear that there is no other path than staying united and fight the caste prejudices. This means taking positions of power and influence. Babasaheb Ambedkar has become prominent person in different discussion about future of India, but his […]

Father Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange who lost enitre family to caste hatred has been sleepless over the years to get the justice. And today he is cheated by the ProSecution, no idea for him how can he get justice in the democratic India?     Prosecution protecting their interest, had they did well with the CBI and […]

Young women are gathering in Bhandara to take up the charge of the situation to lead the protest in peaceful manner. Watch with Atrocitynews… Our correspondants are coming with latest from Bhandara…  

Sonia GAndhi said  to Bhaiyyalal ‘your doughter Priyanka was my priyanka’ was that a politically motivated statement?   Media groups are converging to the spot to pay their economic looks on the issue.

Aberrations prevail in the comon life but if the it comes from court helped by Govt is serious matter of concern. The peaceful revolution in India has been set forward by Dr Ambedkar in 1956. But the gradual and hidden drastic measure by the caste mindset to kill the initiative is not located by the […]

The Opposition leader Mr Kadam has accused Govt of Maharastra that the sheer negligance of the interogation that lead to acquital of the 3 people and no atrcity charged proved substantial.   He said its a clear case of rape of sister and mother. It was the case of caste prejudiced murder. Govt. failed to […]

Pictures in the noon…

Here is a picture of the morning !

The court said its not the case of Caste ATROCITY…This is sheer joke of the civil rights demonstration… WHAT IS THE USE OF S?C ST ATROCITY ACT IF IT IS NOT APPLICABLE TO KHAILANJI CASE? .ARUSHI and other individual cases of murder arev taken seriously by Media and Judiciary , then why not KHAIRLANJI?

 THREE Acquittals from the eyes of Judiciary (from 42 charged initiatlly whereas CBI could frame only 11 later). As prosecution proved short in bringing ahead the real course of crime, but the surety of Judiciary protecting rights of common man here has certainly some questions to face now! Are they really awake? Do they really […]

The court of Hon Judge Das has said that the cases are truly to be considered as under IPC 302 murder charges. The atrocity charges are not proved by the ineffective prosecution side said  Hon. Judge so cant be said  with 100% confidence that crime has shaped this way though it strongly  looks like. Fallowing three are relived from […]

Only 8 charged with murder of the family, 3 acquitted. The Khairlanji village that witnessed the deadly crime under the backdrop of caste hatred is silent over the development. Some say its bit good for those who commited the crime. No issues if you murder the supressed classes under the clout of Villagers sanction. Prosecution […]

Today the Court in Bhandara gathered a huge crowd. There is resilent reactions waiting in the minds of the pepole. The silence is though serious has some indications. The fury is yet not over. The judgement may carry huge value as per as the subsequent Caste related Atrocities. The crowd includes women, youth and section […]

The court assembles at 11:30 A.M. Adv.Nikam rises to speak . Adv.Nikam: Sir, S.161 can be used for contradiction. For that the facts are to be put up.In statement given to the police he said that when the incident was happening ,he was sitting on terrace. The defence should have first put up the fact […]