Khairlanji’s Final Verdict : Justice that matters India!


The last verdict of Khairlanji case is coming up on 15th September 2008.
The incident that shocked the world projecting caste inhuman face wherein a family of Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange living in village in Bhandara district was massacred. His wife ,Mrs.Surekha (34) and daughter Priyanka(17) , sons Sudhir (21)and Roshan(18) were tortured and later beaten to death . Though Surekha and Priyanka were raped , the C.B.I. did not charge the 11 accused with S.376 of I.P.C. because it could not produce any evidence for it.
The accused namely, Gopal Binjewar (25), Sakru Binewar(49), Shatrughna Dhande(38), Mahipal Dhande(36), Dhramapa l Dhande(27), Vishvanath Dhande(58), Ramu Dhande(44), Jagdish Mandalekar(42), Prabhakar Mandalekar(25) , Purushottam Titirmare(43) and Shishupal Dhande (22) are still under Magisterial custody.
The trial of the case was going slow with fast track session court of Bhandara under Hon. Judge S.S.Das from 15th January 07. In all, 38 witnesses examined by the prosecution consisting of C.B.I . counsel Adv.Ezaz Khan and special public prosecutor from Maharashtra State , Adv.Ujwal Nikam . One witness Mahadev Zanzad and an inquest witness turned hostile while another eye witness Dinesh Dhande had accused the investigation agency of intimidiating him and seeking his statement under pressure. But the prime eye witnesses , Suresh Khandate and Mukesh Pusam remained faithful. The C.B.I. could fairly prove the circumstantial evidence as well. But it remains to be seen whether the accused are punished or the defence gets the benefit of doubts thereby acquitting the accussed completely or the accused getting less severe punishment.
One thing is sure that the democracy is not depending on Judiciary that protects the rights of its people and makes some punishments as deterrent for such future criminals and anti democratic -castiest tendencies.

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