Khairlanji: Court Proceedings on 16th August ’08


On this date, the special public prosecutor, Adv.Ujwal Nikam placed his arguments before the court raising following point –

  1. Rashtrapal Narnvare indirectly corroborates the motive of crime in his conversation with Surekha Bhotmange – (a) Anticipation of danger to Surekha from the the accused person. (b) Grievances against the accused (c) Apprehension in the mind of Surekha about the accused person.
  2. The defence nowhere in their cross-examination challenge the fact that Surekha made a phone call to Rashtrapal Narnavare, but what was challenged that Rashtrapal is a relative of Surekha.
  3. Surekha said to Rashtrapal on phone that she was sensing the danger to her life.
  4. About witness Mukesh Pusam- The accused said that  Mahar Caste people are arrogant, banish them out of the village. What was the intention behind it ?
  5. According to what defence said , Surekha had illicit relationship with Sidhharth Gajbhiye . They also contended that she was carrying out the prostitution business in the village. If that was so, then why the defence did not put that question to him? And this is a very irrelevant aspect in this case.

(The court is adjourned till 19th August)

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