Khairlanji: Court Proceedings on 31st July ’08


On this date , Adv.Khandewle raised the following points in his arguments-                                                                                       

About Mukesh Pusam  :- In his argument Adv.Khandewale argued that
(A) mukesh was present in the village khairlangi at the time of incident , but he did not specifically submitted the names of the accused persons.

(B)Mukesh also did not tell that Ramu (accused) was giving threat to others.

(C) Mukesh also did not tell me from which directions the cries  were emnating .

(D)Mukesh did not tell me where Surekha was beaten.

(E) mukesh belongs to  a particular cast and he had family relationship     with   Bhotmange family.

(F)Mukesh told me that   Surekha  died in the cow dung pit and Suresh Khandate says that she died in the canal i.e. there are two different points.

2)About Suresh Khandate  :- (A)He was not in village khairlangi from a very  long time , then how can  he see the incident in  Khairlangi village ?, Even if we believe that he was suffering from chiken guniya  then how can he see the incidenthe if  he had  pain in his joints and eyes ? Also, doctor advised him to take rest for about 2 hours after having medications  at about 1 p.m.and 6 p.m.

(B)  Even when police came to him on  several occasions , he did not give any statement to the police. Later, his statements were recorded before C.B.I. How is it possible ? When he saw the incident, he should have given his statement to the   police.

(C) Suresh also did not tell me in his cross examination  where the cries of Surekha were  coming from.

(D) Suresh also did not tell me that which weapons were  used by them.

(E) in between the house of Bhotmange and Suresh khandate ,there is borwell and water is taken by people in village from that borwell in morning and evening , too .Then  how is it possible that  only 3 to 4 persons has seen the incidence?

(F)Mahar lokanna kadhun taka aani mara” (Take out the Mahar caste people and kill them) There is no mention of it in the all of the statements of the l witnesses.

(G) In his cross examination, Suresh did not tell me  who has beaten Surekha. At that time he told  me that he  was standing on the cement bridge, but  nobody knows  when and  where was it  constructed .

(H)in his cross examination Suresh did not tell me that Jagdish  Mandlekar  saying ,        “ shodha aani mara” (Search and kill them)

3) About Dinesh Dhande

(A) The father of  Dinesh was also arrested by the police and he was in the jail for 90 days. Threfore,Dinesh was under pressure. And so whatever he stated in his evidence is false and  fabricated by C.B.I. and police.

(B) In his evidence Dinesh stated that he was standing at a  long distance beside the road , near the house of Ramu Shende. Therefore, he does’nt know and identify the accused  due to rain and dark.

(C) Dinesh deposed that he was afraid of  C.B.I.Therefore, he deposed in their favour due to   pressure.

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