Inhumanity defeats dignity: Manhole murder


See for yourself how the Manhole cleaning in India is unashamedly practised by covanants of the local government. Thanks to political sluggishness and caste mindset of Indian elite who dare not to go against it even if many people are killed, permanently disabled or deceased life long.

Pic01: Manhole system murder: Babalu in ICCU in Nagpur

Pic02 Manhole system Murder: Activists (aiwjadars) demanding the written document for compensesion to wife of late Pravesh Ramteke.

Pic03: Manhole system Murder: Men Activists (aiwjadars) demanding the written document for compensesion to wife of late Pravesh Ramteke.

12 Responses to “Inhumanity defeats dignity: Manhole murder”

  1. 1 zoravar

    What is their (manhole cleaner) caste? Do only the low castes work as manhole cleaners? Thanks in advance.

  2. 2 Rajan

    Yes only people belong to schedulded castes have to do this upper caste like Brahmin,Baniya,Maratha,Yadav….do this job.This inhuman practise of manual scavanging is the gift of Hindu society to ex-untouchables.Every day millions of dalits sweep the streets,clean the toilets,remove the human excreta with hands and broom,clean the manholes ..
    In return, what do they get?
    1) very less wedges 174 Rs attendance..most of the workers are on contract basis.They get work for 10-12 days in amonth Their average salary is 1700-2000 Rs per month.This is for male workers.Females have to again face discrimination here they get work for 4-5 days only.
    2)Skin diseases,respiratory diseases like tuberculosis etc.
    3)inhuman attitude of civil socity

    The manholes mainly contains poisonous gases like methane,Carbon dioxide,Carbon monoxide,sulphur dioxide.
    The government do not provide them health and safety measures.Even they dont provide mask and gloves.Wokers remove the excreta with their hands and clean the manholes.

    As far as the recent murder of sanitary worker in Nagpur is concerned,the health authorities and Nagpur Municipal Corporations are totally resposnsible.
    1) The cleaning of Manhole should not have been asked after 5 pm.
    2) There was no proper planning from Nagpur Corporation or Fire Brigade.
    3) For cleaning manhole of 20 feet there should have been rescue team.
    4) There was no permanent staff of NMC at the working site
    5) All of them are aiwajedars( Temporary workers)
    6) No insurrance of these workers.

    In Nagpur,there are 75,000 Manholes ranging from 3 feet -20 feet in depth.There are more than 6000 Aiwajedars(contract sanitary workers) They are mostly from Ex-Mahars(Now Buddhists),Mang,Bhangi,Maharshi,Chambhar and other scheduled caste communities.
    In this episode,Mr Pravesh Ramteke,30yrs old, BuddhistR/oPanchasheel Nagar Nagpur died due to inhalation of poisonous gases when he enetered the manhole.
    Who will take care of his two daughters one is 10 yrs and other 6 yrs old.who will take care of their food and education.

    The other two are serious.Mr Baban Khushal Nandeshwar34yrs Buddhist is admitted in Madan Hospital Pachpawali Nagpur.His family is bearing his expenses and not the corporation.
    The other injured Mr Dinesh Ghodke is admitted in ICCU in Mayo Hospital Nagpur.

    There several young dalits who do not want to do this job.But due to poverty they are forced to do this inhuman job.One such young boy Mukesh who is now working as aiwajedar knows about Dr Ambedkar.He says because of this great man he is able to get educated upto 9th std.Mukesh used to score 1st/2nd rank in his school in Siddharth nagar near PWS college Nagpur.His father also works as Sanitary worker.He has 4 brothers one is painter,other goes to wash the cars,and one brother does the same job as mukesh.
    His sister got educated upto Graduation and she completed B.Ed.But since they do not have money his sister did not get any job.Due to poverty Mukesh left his education and joined aiwajedar in NMC.He does not like this job but he is helpless.He knows education is the key for emancipation of dalits.He is also aware about the recent decision of Uttar Pradesh make all contract Sanitary workers into perrmanent staffs.He is hopeful that such revolutionary decision will also be implemented in Maharashtra.

  3. 3 zoravar

    “Yes only people belong to schedulded castes have to do this upper caste like Brahmin,Baniya,Maratha,Yadav….do this job……Every day millions of dalits sweep the streets,clean the toilets,remove the human excreta with hands and broom,clean the manholes”

    Brother, the news link below says that even upper castes are doing the ‘dirty work’.
    A survey says that 70 per cent of the people employed in 1,783 public toilets in Delhi belong to upper castes including Brahmins

    The government is leaving no stone unturned to implement caste-based reservations in the central educational institutions. But Fact India, a Delhi-based trust and Youth For Equality (YFE) have made the shocking revelations that Brahmins and upper caste Hindus are doing menial jobs including cleaning toilets.

    Their survey says that 70 per cent of the people employed in 1,783 public toilets in Delhi are upper caste Hindus including Brahmins.

  4. 4 Anagami

    What is nmost important is that such inhuman jobs should be mechanized and automation should be introduced. There is no use blaming this caste or that caste. In this particular case the problem is not about caste at all as the people who are writing this article are making it to be. They are just trying to create an agenda of hatred. The state government and corporation has to be held responsible.

    All of us as a soceity are responsible for removing these kinds of inhuman professions by using modern technology. People who capitalize on these kinds of news to create hatred among communities should be shunned.

  5. 5 kureela

    Hindus and their hindu led government are in humen ,time has come dalits have to ask for seprate settlement away from barbaric hindus.250 millions hindus should ask for 25% of Indian land.

  6. 6 zoravar

    Anagami, bingo..exactly my thoughts.
    kureela, I’m a tribal, so India originally belongs to me per the Aryan invasion/migration theory. Not 25%, not 33% but 100% of Indian land. According to the AMT/AIT, all you are invaders. Also, why haven’t you shifted to the more humane places in the neighbourhood like Pukestan and Bangladesh, who is stopping you?

  7. 7 kureela

    Dalits and tribals are same both are original inhabitant of achutistan.we have to give two finger to hinduised dalits and tribal first then to hindus.Hinduisesd tribalas and dalits are usesd as foot soldiers by RSS and their umblical links to stop the Ambedkar movement in India.time has come to jihad against the hindus and hindus led government in India.

  8. 8 zoravar

    kureela, tribals are the indigenous people not dalits. Dalits are invaders and you repeating it thousand times won’t change the facts. Provide proof and i’ll be all ears.

    You have to state your confusion clearly, do you want dalits to have same rights/jobs/life as anybody else or you have a grudge against Hindu religion? When you say “jihad against the hindus”, this is a line used by paedophile-worshipping mohammedan terrorists, i sincerely hope you are not one of them?

    Lastly, please tell me, are dalits also called untouchables and are Mayawati, Narendra Modi, Ramvilas Paswan dalit leaders?

  9. 9 sameer

    Dear kureela, zoravar..

    I am not ineterested to get down in debate of who is indegenious.. dalit or tribal but i am very much interested to understand the suffering of people, discrimination faced by the people.
    And i strongly against the opressive structure, oppressor (it may be Hinduism, Brahaminism or any als..) which is denied fundamental rights of people, not considering as human being, … for me wheather i am indegenious or not it doesnt matter.. but can i considered as a human being, can i live like a human being, i can acces to social justic or not .

    I think it is matter for me and that is my issues.. ONLY..

  10. 10 kureela

    dear Zorovar,you must understand dalits donot give any shits to hinduised tribals or hinduised dalits.they are the hindu bumm lickers and should be kicked out from the dalit lives.for your kind information ,their is no black color in indian flag so no use of bhart mata.dalits keep thier one leg on the breast of hindu bharat mata and other leg on the chest of enslaved dalits and tribals.250 millions dalits are on war with hindus and their hindu toilet papers.

  11. 11 Rajan

    Dear Zoravar

    The news refereed by you is a fake survey done by Hindu caste organisation YEE youth for equality.YEE is founded by RSS Brahmin Doctors to counter the caste based reservation.Before writting anything use your brain and put the real facts.Please go aND VISIT bALMIKI BASTIES IN VILLAGES OR CITIS,YOU WILL GET THE ANSWER.
    Tomorrow you will say that Owner of Sulabha Mr Pathak is also doing this work….

    Question is manual scavanging is a reality of this country which has a political,religious sanction by Hindu caste system.

    our ultimate aim :
    Complete erradicatiion of manual scavanging

    Today during Brahmin rule this may not be possible so focuss on

    1) alternate employement
    2) Use of Mechanical devices for cleaning the tiolets
    3) Medical and other insurances

    Once Bahujan Samaj Party captures power in centre think of ultimate aim of Complete erradicatiion of manual scavanging

    JAI BHEEM !!!!

  12. 12 bhai

    manhole cleaner nozzles are available and why dont govt provide that equipments to workers. And in emergency cases govt must provide suits to resistant their bodies..

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