Students Struggle in Mumbai College


Followings are the snapshots of row of students holding protests against aaministartion of UDCT (now UICT), a Chemical Engineering College rated higher than IITs, NITs in India.

Discrimination and torture behind the curtains of caste is not new in India.  One of a brilliant girl student from Auragabad committed suicide couple of year back in UICT. The students are protesting in front of the College-Gate from last 6 days in heavy rains. UICT, present Director, Mr J. B. Joshi is notouriously famous among students for nurturing caste-bias.

Poeple from all walks of life are requested to support student agitation.  Anyone can do so by paying visit to pendal. On 7th July 2008, Chairman of Board of Governors of UICT Shri. R. A. Mashelkar is expected to visit and meet students and faculty in this regard.

Pic01: Struggle , struggle andmore struggle !

Pic02 : Education and agitation for rights go hand in hand!

Pic03 : Experiencing Student Life in India

Pic04 Demand Charter

3 Responses to “Students Struggle in Mumbai College”

  1. 1 Ramesh

    This is one of the many websites, which in the guise of promoting dalit welfare is openly spreading lies and hate against other sections of the society. As the photo of the banner shows, one of the grievace is that fees is being forcily being collected from SC/ST/BC etc.etc. But why is that not one of them is protesting the collection of fees from the NON-RESERVED CATEGORY HINDUS alone? Are the non-reserved category people being subject to caste-based taxation system? Perhaps that is your idea of social justice.

  2. Its nice that the category students get refund of the already paid fees .But now only the protest is going on.Whats necessary to ask for such things?Ithink the one should understand that no one should be used by another byfor thier reasons.They should understand this.

  3. 3 kureela

    250 million dalits are paying more taxes then 15% of hindus who are enjoying the fruits of dalit hindus must understand their is no black color in Indian flags means dalits have to have seprate settlement away from barbaric hindus.

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