Legal course, best medicine: High officer thrown out


In an unprecedented move, principal secretary of the UP Vidhan Sabha Rajendra Prasad Pandey was on Wednesday forced to quit his office in an unceremonious manner after being booked under the SC/ST Act for harassing one of his subordinates, who later committed suicide by consuming poison.

Thanks to UP Govt for standing with the constitutional values ! This will help to make filter the castiest mindsets who at given time readily take-up prejudiced notions without fear of law. As they know the convication chances are very less than 4% in Caste Atrocity cases.

2 Responses to “Legal course, best medicine: High officer thrown out”

  1. 1 kureela

    One dalit life wasted by barbaric hindus.person who committed sucide would have done great help to dalit cause if he could have killed principal secreatory in office and committed sucide means ,he would have got nirvana.time has come dalits should be provided with all logistic support so no dalit life go wasted.

  2. 2 Ramesh

    Grow up. Stop inciting hatred and stop publishing bogus figures to force the ordinary hindus into surrendering their rights.

    Promoting dalit welfare is one thing. Inciting caste hatred is altogether different and a criminal offence.

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