Atrocitynews Special: Marathwada infested with caste-virus


Preliminary facts finding

There is the simmering heat of anger and frustration in the minds of the dalits in the Marathwada , the region of Maharashtra which once was the territory of the Nizams . The powerful upper caste , the Marathas regularly with the vicious contempt perpetrate the atrocities on dalits . These Marathas are the descendents of the same people which used to offer the ‘Nazrana’(Gifts)  to Nizams in the harem which was especially used to quench their thirst for pleasures .These Marathas used to  surrender their daughters & wives to the Nizam. The Nizam pleased with them would shower them the extensive stretches of land . These landlords have now become the powerful  political & social lobby which is committing the atrocities on the dalits from a very long time who have nothing to protect them from such agents of social terrorism . Though the dalits also had  the fellow lands prized by the Nizam due to their martial qualities, the same were not regularized by the Indian State after its independence from British. The dalits particularly living in the villages of this region are constantly in the grip of fear who have no educational , economical , social or political right. They can not enter the temples. They are not provided the free access to drinking water. Their lands are confiscated which they have nurtured which once were fellow and which are in their possession by the way of promulgation of Government Resolution . All  established politicians irrespective of their political affiliations  support  the casteist Marathas in all the spheres either openly or surreptitiously.  One of the example being that of ‘Chhava (Cub) Organisation’ which boast of being the organization exclusively of Marathas founded  on the sole principal of considering the dalits as their foremost enemies. The members  of this organization without regard for law openly exploit and  commit the atrocities on dalits. This organization was recently given over Rs. Ten lacs by Chief Minister of State Vilasrao Deshmukh , who heads the coalition government of Rashtravadi Congress and Congress (I), the political parties which consider themselves the secularist. The other Hindutvavadi political parties like Shivsena and B.J.P. openly supports them . The dalits have no-one to address their grievances.   If they assert their rights, they are boycotted, beaten, tortured and still if not satisfied  are murdered with the various inhuman , shuddering methods. The Police instead of slapping them with the sections of P.O.A.1989( Prevention of Atrocity Act) books them with the mild and lax P. C. R. 1954 (Protection of Civil Rights Act) due to which they get easy bail ready to harbour more atrocities on dalits.

The fact finding team met  many activists and visited four of the villages . This fact finding team comprised the following members-
1) Adv.Eknath Aval  – President, Campaign for Human Rights.
2) Adv.Walmik Nikalje – Secretary, Campaign for Human Rights.
3) Ashok Tangle – Member, Campaign for Human Rights.
4) Pravin More  – Member NCDHR(Nationa Campaign on Dalit Human Rights)
5) Dr.Satish Shambharkar- Project officer, Manuski center , Pune.
6) Sameer Tawre –  Project officer, Manuski center , Pune.
7) Sagar Zende – Project officer, Manuski center , Pune
8) Ms. Madhavi Kamble – Project officer, Manuski center , Pune.
9) Adv.Ms.Chetna Birje- Member, International Studies for Legal and Human Rights.
10) Ms.Reshma Jagtap – Member, International Studies for Legal and  Human Rights.



Date & Time of visit

Victim/s Incident Members of F.F.M.






16/7/08 at

12:30 P.M.

Sahebrao Jondhale Victim charred to death at 3:30 A.M.on 17/6/08 Pravin,Reshma, Chetna,Dr.Satish,

Ashok, Sagar, Sameer, Madhavi


Ganpat Bhise, Parbhani.
Dhansar village, Tah.Ranegaon,


17/7/08 at

12:45 P.M.

All Dalits(Mahar & Matang Caste People) Dalit Men & Women beaten on 10:30 A.M. on 19/3/08. Adv.Avad,Pravin,

Chetna, Dr.Satish

Sameer, Sagar.

Not specific.



18/7/08 at 6:30 P.M. Babanrao Misal Victim hackled to


Adv.Avad,Nikalje Pravin,Ashok

Chetna, Dr.Satish,

Madhavi, Reshma

Arun Jadhav

M- 9422226066




17/7/08 at 1 PM. All Dalits (Mahar & Maang Caste people.) Practice of untouchability & social boycott. Ashok, Reshma,


Not Specific

Thanks: Campaign for Human Rights for organising fact finding mission.

Special Thanks: Atrocitynews Correspondent for making this report available!

The detailed reports from Fact Finding mission will be made available soon>> Keep reading Atrocitynews..

3 Responses to “Atrocitynews Special: Marathwada infested with caste-virus”

  1. 1 maroti kasab

    dear jija
    jai bhim jai lahuji
    your work on dalit victims is very important
    keep it burning
    maroti kasab

  2. ssnheh jaibhim…..
    your work is very challenging and helpful for activist and researcher,to find real fact of ividence.

  3. 3 Prabodhan Nikalje

    Jay Bhim real social Heros,
    u people contributed your hole life for dalit,adhiwasi,bhatke and bahujan samaj. you were, you are and you will be there to sovl every problem of society i salute you for great work. as i know Adv.Walmik Nikalje[Tatya] and Adv.Eknath Avad[Jija] personaly so i would like to tell that they contribute their life for bahujan samaj and during this time lots of problem they faced but never stop their great work. youngsters like me keep you as Ideal persnalties. keep fighting..

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